Tournament Information

  1. Rules
  2. A General Rules Guideline
  3. Prizes/Incentives
  4. Suggested Tournaments

These rules apply to all tournaments.


Item and Skill restrictions

  • You may not use Decay unless told otherwise.
  • You may not use tattoos unless told otherwise. Only lesser tattoos will ever be allowed.
  • You may not name items, or use named items.

Auctions and Stores

  • There is now a tournament only store. Items allowed will vary by tournament.
  • Tournament characters are now forbidden to use auctions.
  • Tournement characters cannot use the general store that is available to regular characters.

Prizes and Disqualification

  • You may not retire your tournament character after the 24 hour mark unless you are quitting the tournament. Please chatmail Slayer333 or Shade if you retire your tournament character early.
  • You must use at least 1/2 of the BA cap to be eligible for a prize in any tournament.
  • You may not intentionally gimp a non tournament character so that it is beatable by tournament characters. Purposely Gimping chars to be farmed by tourney chars, whether they are tourney chars or otherwise will result in abusing players being disqualified and a 500k Fine.

Test Characters

  • You may make a character to test a strategy in any tournament you wish, however, there are a few stipulations.
  • Your character name must include [Test].
  • You may not fight other tournament characters.


  • Tournament characters, once retired, cannot be unretired.
  • Tournament characters may Black Smith any item in the game.

A General Rules Guideline

If what you are doing is not explicitly against these rules, you may still be disqualified. These rules are meant to prevent a players normal wealth and status from affecting the outcome of a tournament. If you do something to affect the outcome of a tournament with a non-tournament character, or with non-tournament money, you may be disqualified.


For all tournaments, if you reach at least 65% of the top players BA spent, you will earn a participation prize of 200k.

If you can get a non-regular tournament player to actively play in a tournament, you will receive a "referral" prize of 100k. Your referral will receive 25k. To be considered an active player, they must attain the following criteria:

  • Reach 55% of the top players MPR
  • Spend at least 60% of the BA cap
  • Place within the top 15 for the tournament

The referred player must chatmail me before the tournament ends to be recognized as a referral.

Suggested Tournaments

Use the same format to suggest new tournaments, make sure to put the creators name so proper credit can be given. New suggestions should be added to the bottom of the list. In case you have a truly good idea but don't want to share it just yet, email it to Shade or Slayer333 instead ;)

Dead Monkey Fights

  • Two minions, one with decay, one with UC.
  • Novice
  • DONE

Melee Wars

  • Melee weapons only, no ranged firing DD's.
  • King
  • DONE

Shock to the System

  • Single minion training nothing but HP and SG
  • Novice


  • Normal tourney, but all minions must use AS, no minion may train HP, no DM allowed.
  • No tattoos allowed.
  • OB
  • DONE


  • A no DX/Evasion tourney.
  • No tattoos allowed.
  • OB

Fire and Ice

  • mages and monks UC Vs. MM
  • Novice

Duct Tape Wars

  • Two minions and one must train nothing but EC
  • Novice


  • everyone gets a stilletto and nothing else
  • Novice

Liver and Onions

  • FB v. melee tanks
  • Novice

The Gauntlet

  • must beat a series of chars with very specific strat that are sure to require a retrain every time, highest mpr wins
  • Novice

Misty Mountains

  • DCM wearing single tanks training no dex
  • Novice

Getting Familiar

  • all 5 minion teams
  • Novice

En Guarde!

  • rapiers only
  • Novice

Campers Garden

  • person to buy the most Tulwars wins
  • Novice

Hell's Forge

  • Participants are given an item to forge (negative price could be used to fund forge fees)
  • Massive Starting XP
  • Might want to have a special item created (with unknown times and efficiencies)


  • Minions wielding only ranged weapons must defeat a character wielding a semi-rare melee weapon and large amounts of HP
  • Novice
  • DONE


  • no single minions, no familiars ; all minions must look identical (except names) on the inspect page
  • Sickone

Elven sweepstakes

  • no special rules, but win condition is number of elven items equipped
  • Sickone

Friendly Fire

  • Five Minion FF teams with each minion training FB, GA and AMF.
  • Forktoad


  • The first person(s) to enter the tourny (maybe an admin NPC) will be given a rare item. (named HoC or similar)
  • Whenever someone beats him, he drops the item and passes it to the person beating him. Whoever has one of those rare item at the end of tourny gets a prize.
  • PainKiller

Mage, Myself and I

  • Teams are required to have 3 minions, no tattoos allowed.
  • All three characters must be either a mage or enchanter, i.e. no range/melee weaponry after 500BA.
  • Only one instance of each spell (direct damage/enchantment) is allowed, e.g. for a three mage team, only one minion is allowed to train a certain direct damage spell.
  • The Experience

Takes 2 to Tanko

  • Teams are required to have 2 minions, no tattoos allowed.
  • Both characters must be tanks, i.e. no direct damage spells after 500BA.
  • Only one instance of each enchantment is allowed, e.g if the first tank has trained GS, the second tank may NOT train GS.
  • The Experience

Speak for Yourself

  • Teams are limited to one minion, ONLY LESSER tattoo are allowed, however they must be purchased at BASE (level 0). Note: I think the player can nominate what tattoo he/she wishes to begin with - and the tattoo can be provide or placed in auction for them to purchase.
  • The minion can not be offensive in any way, i.e. no direct damage spells or weaponry after 500BA. Thus, the minion must support the tattoo worn - and yes, obviously only damage dealing tattooes will be provided/allowed.
  • Winner can either be highest MPR or tattoo level, up to organiser.
  • The Experience

We are Common Folk

  • Teams have no minion limit, no tattoos are allowed.
  • No direct damage spells are allowed, and only COMMON gear is allowed - a list of such equipment will be included in the rules, no auction purchases are allowed.
  • The Experience

The Wall

  • No minion limit, but after 500 BA, all minions must have a set of common wall gear (the ones from store that has the highest base AC.
  • No decay.
  • PainKiller


  • All Teams must use a Familiar as their sole damage-dealing source
  • Teams can be any number of minions
  • Teams may choose to train up to two of any of these four: AS, EC, AMF, or DM.
  • Teams may train nothing other than their chosen two.
  • Only other tourney characters may be fought after the second day.
  • OB

There Can Be Only One

  • One minion only, who must wield an edged weapon (ranged weapons OK, but only in addition to the edged one).
  • Lesser tattoos allowed (suggest to give participants a free lesser tattoo to start with).
  • Negator

Street Fighter Tournament

  • A tournament bracket will be set up for the final days of the contest.
  • Before the tournament starts, participants must choose a Street Fighter name and Chatmail a final strategy to Slayer.
  • Users may use any given strategy for the growing days of the tournament.
  • Decay is allowed.
  • On the final days of the tournament, participants must retrain to the strategy CM'd earlier in the week to Slayer. They will then fight each other once according to the bracket, with winners moving forward.
  • OB

Deadly Duo Tournament

  • Players form pairs (teams of two)
  • Highest combined MPR wins (both players on a team added up)
  • Only lessers allowed, no decay, teams must start with at LEAST two minions.
  • BHT


  • Players pick 1 of the lesser Familiars.
  • Players fight 1000-1500 BA and try to reach highest MPR (or score)
  • Players then pick a 2nd Familiar, one different than the first, and fight to the top again.
  • Third time, they pick a new Familiar and try once more.
  • Highest MPR or Familiar level would win ultimately.
  • Shade

Sports Draft

  • TBD

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