1. Introduction
  2. Rules
  3. Question Topics

Note: The official webpage, with extra stuff like past game stats, player stats, and more, can be found here: [1]


Trivia is like a mini game within all the Carnage Blender fun, run by RedWolf or the various VIPs, that gives you a chance to not only have a great time and meet new people, but also to make a small profit. I will ask 10 general knowledge questions on various topics, and you must answer in PM as fast as you can. If you are a noob, this might be a good chance for you to earn some extra dough...if you're smart, that is. :-)


Basic Rules

  • Send $2000 to Trivia II.
  • Join room "Trivia" when it is open.
  • I'll ask 10 questions on various general topics. First two correct answers get 2 and 1 points respectively. Answer in PM!
  • 10 second time limit. If only one person answers correctly within the 10 seconds, they will earn 3 points.
  • The person with the most points in the end wins the pot.

Complete Rules

  • Anybody can play, veterans or noobs! This game has nothing to do with you score, PR, net worth, etc. or even whether I know you or not.
  • Will be run whenever I have time somewhere between 7 and 11 CBT (-7 Hrs GMT). Type "/join Trivia" to get there.
  • I will ask 10 questions, answers will be in PM only. Chat is for discussion among players, and for posting questions/answers/winners.
  • First correct answer gets 2 points, second correct answer gets 1 point.
  • 10 second time limit. I will be most lenient on this rule. Math questions tend to take longer, so I will allow more time for those.
  • If only one person answers correctly before the 10 seconds are up, he/she gets 3 points. If nobody answers, nobody gets any points (obviously ;-)
  • After all 10 questions are done with, the person with the most points wins the entire pot (all entry fees and donations). You must play the whole game to win. E.g. if you leave but still have the most points, the person in second place would win the pot.
  • Tie-breaker will be a CB related question.
  • Cost is $2000 to play, send money to "Trivia II". If you pay and are unable to play, I will refund you or keep your money until next time. If you leave, I will refund a certain amount of your money. (For example, if you leave halfway through I will refund you $1000)
  • Anybody is welcome to just come and watch, if you don't want to actually play. You don't have to pay to watch.
  • If I, my bouncer, or a CB chat op feels you are being disruptive, obnoxious, or unruly we will kick you out.
  • If I leave at any time during Trivia unannounced, it means my chat has frozen :-P I'll just be back in several minutes. Please be patient and wait ;-)

Question Topics

  • 1. History
  • 2. Science
  • 3. Geography
  • 4. English/Vocabulary
  • 5. Math
  • 6. Mythology
  • 7. Literature
  • 8. Movies, Music, TV
  • 9. Computers/Technology
  • 10. Miscellaneous

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