Tutorial discussion

  1. Basics
  2. Discussion
  3. Fighting


Any disagreements with needing to discuss the following?

  • Fighting - mechanics and formulae of physical and magical combat
  • Skill and Spell overview
  • Minions (Hiring/Training)
  • BA regen
  • Store
  • Fightlist
  • Chat/CM/Forums (should be spoken about at the end of the tutorial)

Less important topics:

  • Blacksmith
  • Auctions
  • Clans
  • Forging (face it, we want NUB kids to fight)


Get them to the wiki early and often. Start with the glossary perhaps for acronyms and then move to the tips for new players & strategies. ~ dudemus

Add comments here, original listing by Flamey. Lets get this rolling. I'd say a page for each section, the tutorial page limit? I'm thinking 10-20, each page shouldn't have much blue text (the tutorial text), so 20 isn't unreasonable ~ Flamey

Formulae would confuse people right at the very start, because if I were shown formulae I'd ask and ask to try and understand, when it's not that important!

The spells overview should have in HUGE LETTERS that spells override weapons.. That confused the bejebus out of me. And exp concentration should be highlighted. ~ Andy

Definitely need to have DD override weapons on the training page. Also with fighting, formulae might be a bad idea? We just want them to know that a Win/draw/lose/stale exist. The type of rewards you get from them will also help. How Ranged/Magic/Melee work? Though that might be starting to get too complicated somehow, unless we can really summarise it. Remembering that the key is the least possible amount of text per screen. ~ Flamey

I agree that inundating noobs with math would be overwhelming, but I would have loved at least a link like 'how it works' to take me there, rather than trying to scrape together knowledge strewn about wiki pages and forum threads. As simple as possible, yes, but more information should be readily available via links. I'd much rather have access to information when I don't want it than be unable to find it when I do ~ Chaosal

I think that it could be linked from the welcome page in the wiki that users are directed to at the end of the tutorial. Any dramas there? ~ Flamey

Possibly have a tutorial section (Community > Tutorials) that has more advanced tutorials, such as Forging, etc. that the users can read if and whenever they want to. This could also allow older players to view the tutorial again, which may help for mentoring. ~ Daz

Daz, sounds good. There's already a forging tut hanging around misc in community. It would be great if we could redo the tutorial, you know in a sandbox type thing. ~ Flamey

If there's a required "hire" command in the tutorial, can it be followed promptly with "fire" and given a reward equal to the lost cost? Also, extend the tutorial long enough to bring people back. A reward goal of reaching 50k score could do this. ~Demi

The whole tutorial should be in a sandbox type thing. Just have the first page that new users are sent to have two links. One being send me to the tutorial. The other being just let me start the game already. As for the way to do it in a sandbox type thing, Just have it as a new user tourney char. They start the char and when they finish the tutorial it automatically retires that char. Also tourney chars run off of a separate ba pool so there are no problems there. ~Nem


Explanation of wins/draws/losses/stales? ~ Flamey

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