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  1. You can refer to another page by putting its name in square brackets like this: [PAGE]. Note that it is not necessary for the words inside the brackets to have the same case as the original page. It is, however, necessary for the specific white spacing to be the same.
  2. URLs will automatically be recognized and underlined:
  3. If you put URLs in square brackets, they'll be shown as a tiny reference [1] instead. In this situation, the system assumes that any url ending in .jpg, .png, or .gif is an image and displays it inline.
  4. URL methods recognized are:

Adding highlights:

Adding structure to your text:

  1. first numbered bullet
  2. second numbered bullet
 However, just to keep you on your toes, even in this literal mode, style URLs are recognized and turned into active links.

Other features:

To get more than one highlight on a single line, you can use returns to break the line in separate physicial lines. WiKit will concatenate them all into one. So if you do this (without indents):

   I'm going to ''draw''
   your ''attention''.

You'll end up with: I'm going to draw your attention.

It usually works (for non-pathological cases) just fine if you put everything on a single line. Experiment on the Graffiti page if you want to check whether anything in particular will work.

Using brackets in your text can be done by doubling them, so [[ shows as [.