Fire Familiar Type #1

Name: EWE/F with FF

Strengths: Anyone Neglecting Defense (It is thought this may be the ToA teams' biggest weakness)

Weakness: Anyone with tons of Defense (ToE, Mage Shield, etc.)

Basic Equipment: FF, High AC Armor

Advanced Equipment: 2 Corns, Decent Melee Weapons

Theory: The Fire Familiar is built for quick kills, GA and AMF kill it quickly. Using DM will nullify GA, using lots of AS with nullify AMF damage. Having a Wall/Tank in front gives the FF more rounds to do its work against most teams.

Application: Grow a single minion to about 100K MPR with a FF anyway you can... when you reach 100K MPR train AS on your large minion and hire a second minion for DM purposes. Continue with two minions until at least 200K MPR. At 200K MPR add a Third minion that will be a really Heavy tank, add as much High AC armor as you can find and Decent weapons (A Mage Shield could be a nice addition).

Variation 1: Don't use a wall, just gut it out with DM and AS

Variation 2: Add Enchant defense spells to the DM enchanter (GA is a good choice)


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