Tips for New Users

 Tips for New Players
  • You have an opportunity to reach the top with the New User Bonus, use it! Click the "get more" link in the left frame next to your BA number to get free BA each day. You should also try to use all of the natural BA regen each day, if you are coming back to 160 BA then you are likely missing some.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, in chat or in the forums if there's something you can't find in the Wiki (labelled 'Help!' in the top left hand corner of the left hand frame.). Not knowing something, unlike some other games, doesn't get you treated like a second class citizen. We're all too keen to show off our knowledge of Carnage Blender!
  • Simple is always better.
  • Let it grow on you.
  • Stay out of debt, it may seem like everyone around you has really high net worths, but you'll soon catch up with the nub bonus.
  • Hiring more minion does not give you more XP per fight, it simply splits the XP into two and give it to your minions.
  • Don't screw this chance up otherwise you'll have to spend loads of cash to start an NCB!!

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