botchecks debate

TOPIC: botchecks, Bot, Bot Checks

TYPE: open debate

PARTICIPANTS: novice, OddBird (add your name to join)



Possible Debate Points:

Bot checks are central part of CB, is that a good thing or a bad thing?


novice: I think we need more checks on CB, not less. I'd like to see all possible measures in place to prevent cheating, even if it means I have to get a slightly better phone, or the occasional fine. I sympathize with those getting nailed during an NCB...

OddBird: I agree, AFAIK the game does not suffer from the plague of bots that so many others do almost solely because of Jon's botchecks. However, that could also be because the game isn't a "massive" online game yet. However, I'd like to see some sort of "forced wait" between the 1st and 2nd botchecks - if one accidentally presses enter twice and gets the first one wrong, they can find themselves slapped with a hefty fine.


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