1. What Realms are
  2. What Realms do
  3. Effect of Realms on Character Renaming
  4. Durations of Realms
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Due to popular demand, and a lot of questions from the newer players, some explanations about Realms.

What Realms are

Back in the old old ancient days of Carnage Blender, there were no Realms, everybody was fighting in one huge pool and the new players got afraid of the big and mighty characters that were in the top 10. The new players thought they would never be able to get up to that level and it even made some of them leave Carnage Blender. Then Realms were created to separate the biggest players from the smallest, and some in between of course.

What Realms do

Realms divide the player base of Carnage Blender in four: Shire, Rivendell, Lorien and Gondor. The Realms make sure that better competition is enabled for all the players.

The youngest of the New Players are in the Shire, a friendly place with all younglings. In this Realm they can easily see who is the strongest of the Realm and while it still is some difference, they can see their own progress in the game early on and think: "Hey I can get to that ranking easy enough with some effort." And so they make the effort to try and pass that #1 spot. That spot might be taken over a few times because the top player could be on the edge of moving into Rivendell Realm.

Rivendell is for the still somewhat younglings but with enough experience to know that there are much bigger opponents yet to come. In this Realm they can aim for higher Rankings within the game but also see the Players that have been playing quite some time longer than themselves. Yet again a good motivation to become stronger without being faced with the elite of the game. But after both youngling / friendly realms there come 2 Realms with the most experienced, or better said, the longest playing Players.

Lorien is the Realm for the long playing Players who should have quite a lot of Experience to be able to react to the dangers of the game. they will be pitted against possibly the top of the playing field. Some of those players might have played up to twice the time that they have played so far, as they slowly progress to the final Realm, Gondor.

Gondor is for the 'elite' of the game, these players have played longest of all. These players have earned their place in the game, they know a lot about the game and can easily help other players. Unless they still need help themselves of course. ;) The top players are in this Realm and battles are fierce. Some of them have huge Weapons and very powerful Armor to aid them into their own battles against people who are just as strong.

So in short: Realms create better competition to smaller groups of Players who have played similar lengths of time.

Effect of Realms on Character Renaming

  • When you are in The Shire Renaming your Character is Free.
  • When you are in Rivendell Renaming your Character costs $50,000.
  • When you are in Lorien Renaming your Character costs $100,000.
  • When you are in Gondor Renaming your Character costs $150,000.

Why is renaming your Character free in The Shire and costs more as you have played longer? When you start out the character you begin with is already named, so renaming it for a fee would be bad. Later on you should know the game a bit and know that renaming your Character frequently is annoying to other players (as if most would care) or annoying for the server to keep track of the names. Keeping the same name is a way of getting recognized so for older characters there is a fee involved in renaming, which is mostly used when a Character is sold.

Durations of Realms

  • Shire: You will be in the Shire from your sign-up until 3 weeks of playing time.
  • Rivendell: You will be in Rivendell when you have played more than 3 weeks but less than 6 months.
  • Lorien: You will be in Lorien when you have played more than 6 months but less than 1 year.
  • Gondor: After 1 year you finally move to Gondor, the last Realm.

If you have a character that's older than your account, then that character's age is used instead.

Fun Facts

The Realms are named after places mentioned in the books and movies of the Lord of the Rings.

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