Black Market Vote Guide 1 (in General)

AdminShade January 3 2005 2:47 AM EST

might as well start one up now before any real plans are made for it yet.

My best thoughts on which items to spawn atm:

Executioner's Sword needs 12 votes
Katana needs 7 Votes

People always want good weapons to spawn so perhaps start voting on Katana with every vote you get for this week. Making lots of Katanas in the game and having quite decent weapons to start with.

Kind regards and if you disagree please also reply


Morieris January 3 2005 3:19 AM EST

4 votes left on katana =)

Kaioshin January 3 2005 3:22 AM EST

Good Idea

But don't forget about mage teams that need armour like the Helm of Intelligence (39 votes) or Cloak of the Istari (39 votes) that provide magic bonuses, as not everyone can use the weapons

This is just my opinion so feel free to ignore it

AdminShade January 3 2005 4:27 AM EST

Kai, good idea and those could also be voted for but will probably have to wait a bit.

Reason: 39 votes does it take for either of them. Thats almost enough to create 6 Katanas. (5 at least) and that makes them a bit more 'worth' spawning. perhaps get one of them and trade for a mage item later on ;)

Mage Teams will have their go when there are more supporters but we should be trying for some mage items next week already.

Mythology January 4 2005 7:40 AM EST

nah, VOTE FOR MCM! takes hardly any votes, theres enough katanas now :)

AdminShade January 4 2005 9:46 AM EST

there are quite enough Katanas in Black market for now.

people that vote on MH BTh or on BoNE just waste their votes because people can't get to that total amount of votes yet.

Change in voting plan:

start voting for Mithril Chain Mails. these things cost 'only' 19 votes but are well worth it. will continue this until next Monday on which i will check for a new item.

in the meanwhile please reply here if you have wishes for a new item in black market auctions or chat mail me

Myonax January 4 2005 10:48 AM EST

Everyone wants to try tattoos, I think a better idea is to start getting some of the non lesser Tattoos out in the market. Where is your spirit of adventure at guys?

Salketer [big bucks] January 4 2005 10:55 AM EST

i suggested that to shade already, he said we will go for them next week or so... Maybe ppl would want to vote for the Augmentation one right now since it needs less than 50% to spawn.

But concentrating on MCM's is a very great thing, so let's stick on them a little.

Bolfen January 4 2005 11:08 AM EST

I sense a lack of consensus ;)

Why not spit out a bunch of lower tattoos? The Lesser Tattoo of Steel only needs 6 more votes ;)

Mythology January 4 2005 11:09 AM EST

only 14 more votes for MCM, cant we just spawn one of them? :)

Bolfen January 4 2005 11:43 AM EST

Why I disagree with MCM's (or any armor at this point)--right now no one really needs armor--it isn't going to make much difference at current player levels. OTOH, a tattoo right now is very, very useful.

Mythology January 4 2005 11:45 AM EST

Armour more useful at start than at any other time of game, other than that I completely agree with you.

Bolfen January 4 2005 3:36 PM EST

an 8% DX penalty for a 1000 DX char is a mere 80 DX, which represents a miniscule amount of XP. So why is an MCM better than a Fluted Steel Cuirass for someone at low levels?

Jester5093 January 4 2005 5:55 PM EST

I'm looking forward to getting tattoos in the market. There aren't enough, and they are MUCH more useful at these levels. Pfft to armor ;)

Goon January 6 2005 4:49 PM EST

CoBF's would be great to have on the BMVG, in high demand atm 'cause of lack of them and very good strat oppertunities.

AdminShade January 6 2005 5:07 PM EST

so atm we have a few different item types people want to vote on:

1: the tattoos
2: MCM
3: pleb's choice of a CoFB

most people want tattoos and this week MCM's have already been voted for so Tattoos will (probably) the thing for next week.

ok then we have the following choices:

each of these need 39 votes to be spawned:
Tattoo of Endurance
Tattoo of Augmentation
Tattoo of Flame
Tattoo of Ice

each of these need 9 votes to be spawned:
Lesser Tattoo of Endurance
Lesser Tattoo of Augmentation
Lesser Tattoo of Flame
Lesser Tattoo of Ice
Lesser Tattoo of Steel
Lesser Tattoo of Jigorokano

so 1 normal tattoo could be 4+ lesser tattoos (and thus pleasing more people, also from the people that replied in this thread)

Since people would want to try out the Steel / Augmentation / Jigorokano i'd suggest voting for them in the first part of the week making us able to spawn them sooner than the others.

If anyone has a different idea than this (in my eyes) summary of the people that replied in here then please let me know in this post OR send a chat mail.

Kind regards


Arorrr January 7 2005 7:11 PM EST

Please, I pick choice #3 also. More CoBF doesn't hurt.
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