Black Market Sillyness (in General)

Warchild January 3 2005 11:43 PM EST

Ok I understand that the Katana is a good weapon and that it only takes 7 votes to get one to spawn but there are 11, count them 11, katanas in auction from the Black Market

Can't we find a better way to spend our votes than everyone voting for the exact same semi-rare item

I know noone has organized a Black Market Vote Guide yet but this is something that seriously needs to be done...not that I am volunteering (I would have no idea where to even begin) We could be getting some of the ultra rare items out instead of a whole slew of semi-rares

However, if anyone would like to get a BMVG started I would be more than happy to help out in any way i could :-)
Thanks for reading

Salketer [big bucks] January 3 2005 11:45 PM EST

actually, katanas are great to start off with. And people voting for it are more likely doing so cuz they can't bid on the others... Making the spawn at 7 vote was the silly thing i think. They're still pretty good!

[From CB1]Tequito January 4 2005 1:18 AM EST

I think it'd be better for everybody for the semi rares to spawn first. It'd cover the needs of a large part of the population.

Jester5093 January 4 2005 1:34 AM EST

Yeah! Let's go for ultra rare when 80% of the player base doesn't even have basic yet. Great idea.

[CB1]Meoman January 4 2005 1:40 AM EST

I think the Katanas had 7 votes for a reason :P and it could just be for this reason exactly ;)
Jon uses the BM for a planned economy :P

Morieris January 4 2005 1:52 AM EST

I'm sure I'll keep voting them in until i get one.

InebriatedArsonist January 4 2005 2:01 AM EST

I have to agree with the above poster who feels that it's better to give more people a chance at a decent melee weapon than to vote in one or two uber weapons. Once the economy is off and running, and katanas are no longer in such high demand, we can perhaps think about voting for the extremely rare stuff.

AdminShade January 4 2005 9:37 AM EST

Warchild i had already started a black market vote guide...

and i thought on voting for Katanas since they have very good damage AND didn't cost much votes to spawn. so more good items for not so much efforts :)
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