I wish Di was back (in General)

Mythology January 4 2005 8:00 PM EST

While me and Di had more arguments than Ive had hot breakfasts this is getting more than ridiculous.

carnage: 17 users
new players: 84 users

I dont want to try getting myself banned again on forum or anything, but cant people start enforcing rules made when new players was made? Its for helping new players not for trading. Di used to kick people just for being afk now for some reason chat in new players can be spammed constantly and not a lot happens.

If the argument is "well loaning a newbie a tattoo helps them", just tell them simply, "if you want a tattoo, type /join carnage, this room is for help not a trading floor".

This post was not an attempt to annoy anyone or anything Im not even a *regular* in new players, I only used to go in there like an hour or so every other day to help out, but every visit atm is spam, just a shame really.

[P]Mitt January 4 2005 8:05 PM EST

I totally agree with you Myth, the only problem is that this game hasn't been running for a week yet, so for non-supporters, they can't change the room they are put in when they sign on. Yes I know that they can go "/join carnage", but a lot of people are too lazy to do that.

I just hope that Jon will set the default to room carnage as soon as the game is running strong.

also for those tattoo loaners..., there now IS a room "Tattoo Loaning"

Cranium Basher January 4 2005 8:11 PM EST

Per request of shade, I made the room: Market, for trading, loaning, and 'business'.

If more people supported the idea, and got the hell out of new players, things would be alot less chaotic.

AdminShade January 4 2005 8:14 PM EST

Mythology, i am trying the best i can but people still come back...

it's crowded indeed but this should wear off in a while.

see it as my own work in progress :)

[From CB1]Tequito January 4 2005 10:33 PM EST

it's slowly getting better.

MrsDi January 4 2005 10:42 PM EST

In reality, I rarely kicked or killed anyone. I talked to people and asked them to leave when they were disrupting new user instruction. I gave people the option of leaving voluntarily.

The key issue for you at this point is that someone needs to take the step of telling people to leave New Players and go to Carnage Blender if they are not in fact a new player. The forums in CB2 are seriously difficult to use in notifying people of anything new - everything is hidden. You could ask Jonathan to repost the news links to the New Player Room Policies.

I will not be back, btw. I'm very busy in real life. I'm sure you all can handle the transition. However, it might help if you realize that I literally spent more time on CB, managing ops/mentors, teaching new players, and developing the NPG etc. than I did on my actual business activities in 2004. So have fun :).
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