Inception's Strat (in General)

Kaioshin January 6 2005 12:49 PM EST

First off, this is not, in any way, meant to be derogatory towards inception, I just have some questions that I would like answering.

Why are both DM and AMF both being trained, because, as far as I can tell, DM will negate AMF.

Also, why does he have weapons on the MM mage, as it will never use them, surely they would be better on the Enchanters for a chance to do some extra damage.

Please don't take any of this the wrong way, I recognise that whatever his strat is, it is working well, I just want to know if there is anything that I have missed that could be implemented in mine.

Nixon Jibfest January 6 2005 12:54 PM EST

I believe DM works on enchantments only while AMF works on DD.

private January 6 2005 1:26 PM EST

I believe Kaioshin's point is that Inception's AMF is weakened by his DM. DM will not negate AMF unless you give it about 25% more levels than AMF. If you're willing to accept some inefficiencies, you can use both DM and AMF. Whether it is good strategy I do not know.

For those who haven't figured it out already, DM weakens enchantments by level, not effect. This means that you always need to spend more exp on DM than your attacker spent on their spell, if you plan on dispelling the spell completely. Of course, having more than one ED spell makes using DM on you become very efficient.

Warchild January 6 2005 1:27 PM EST

Jibber DM works on any enchantments cast ON your opponent this means that Inceptions DM is taking away from his own AMF

and i think a lot of it has to do with the amount that he has trained in each...the amf will cast for less because of the dm but it will not fizzle it as long as the AMF is higher so he gets to fizzle all those EDs and still gets to take away a portion of the DD cast at him

Kaioshin January 6 2005 1:31 PM EST

Thanks, I'm still puzzled by the weapons though.

AdminShade January 6 2005 1:45 PM EST

the weapons are probably not for the doing of damage but for looks.

QBsutekh137 January 6 2005 1:50 PM EST

private, not sure what you mean at end... DM wont negate each DE enchanter separately, will null the combined level on target, no? if you are even talking about stacking? i misread what you are meaning?
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