Score calculation bug? (in General)

Undertow January 12 2005 6:03 PM EST

When I fight someone whose score is higher than me, and lose, my score goes up. If I fight them a second time, and win, it goes down.

How does that one work?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 12 2005 7:03 PM EST

Heh. I've seen that! ;)

Tribute January 12 2005 7:09 PM EST

An idea probably not right though

You fight someone higher and lose but do a lot of damage. Just like when my farms lose all the time, the score rises. Then you fight again but the opponent has less minions/HP and win. You get less XP and $ and I guess lose score.

See? Wasn't that a bad explanation?

AdminJonathan January 12 2005 8:07 PM EST

score update could include changes from other people fighting you as well

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] January 12 2005 8:19 PM EST

I've noticed this as well, and used "Open in a new tab" to investigate it.

When I fight someone who is significantly (>5k) higher in score than I am and lose, my score in the left frame immediately jumps up to a score close to the character I lost to. Using the "Recent Battles: Mine" link and "Manage Characters", I've found that this score in the left frame is not reflected elsewhere. Manage Characters shows that I really lose a couple of points, verified with Recent Battles to ensure that it is just that one battle reflected.

When you fight and win after losing like this, the new score that is reflected is accurate.

AdminJonathan January 12 2005 10:46 PM EST

Thanks for the description, Bubo. Fixed.

Undertow January 14 2005 1:56 PM EST

The only score updated in real-time, so to speak, is the one for your active player on your home page. Use the Update feature on the Inspect page to make sure you are getting accurate stats on a Character.

If you think you have found a bug, you are probably wrong. :)

But not always!!! I WIN! =D
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