Ooh, new feature! (in Changelog)

Harik January 13 2005 9:23 PM EST

Ok, I'm loving the new history graph that just showed up. It's pretty excellent.

Adding another user to compare dosn't work yet, (is this really brand new?) but it's pretty awesome already.

Harik January 13 2005 9:25 PM EST

... and now that works too. Very cool.

Inspect someone and try it out!

[HaveToLook]Buffet January 13 2005 9:29 PM EST

awesome. Favorite new feature.

Tezmac January 13 2005 9:29 PM EST

Now THAT is a nice addition!

Stephen January 13 2005 9:32 PM EST

And the reorg of stats to include said graphs for the Top 5

Undertow January 13 2005 9:33 PM EST


::HEAD EXPLOES::!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Warchild January 13 2005 9:41 PM EST

wow just found this feature....very nice

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 13 2005 9:48 PM EST

Yep, great new feature :)

Xanthochroid January 13 2005 9:57 PM EST

Es muy bueno!

QBsutekh137 January 13 2005 9:59 PM EST

gnuplot? that is dang cool!

Ankh-Weasel [Non-ASCII Characters] January 13 2005 10:17 PM EST


Mythology January 13 2005 10:26 PM EST

Excellent new feature, but does not track down aswell as up? Inspect "The Kin" I fired a minion but it seems acording to graph it just vanished after 7th of Jan?

[EG] Almuric January 13 2005 10:36 PM EST

And I was just about to start up my graphs again. I guess I don't need to now. More freetime! Cool. Thanks, Jon.

[Redneck RV] Truc January 14 2005 2:52 AM EST

Best feature since Favorites and post-fight stats!!

AdminShade January 14 2005 3:16 AM EST

awesome :D

Phaete January 14 2005 4:53 AM EST

Way Cool :)

QBJohnnywas January 14 2005 5:17 AM EST

Great feature! It's just a shame that mine looks like one of those earthquake reading printouts. What a mess......

Conan January 14 2005 6:49 AM EST

nice add

IndependenZ January 14 2005 8:57 AM EST

I love it too, now I can keep track of who's better: me or that Skunk-fellow :p

QBsutekh137 January 14 2005 9:31 AM EST

if more stuff added to it (must more stats to graph maybe), this has to go on front page -

"Chart your progress against ither people trying to kill you!!!!!"

well i am sure someone can make the wording better. this really is cool selling point though, i think.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 14 2005 11:59 AM EST

The legend for the Stats/Graphs/Top 5 : Score graph reads PR not score.


[HaveToLook]Buffet January 14 2005 12:07 PM EST

I don't see Stats/Graphs.. is it available when you click on Stats or only on the popup menu, because my popup menu doesn't work (purposely)

AdminJonathan January 14 2005 12:51 PM EST

only in the menu right now.

[HaveToLook]Buffet January 14 2005 2:08 PM EST

Can someone post a link so I (or anyone that doesn't get the menus) can get to the stats graphs?

[EG] Almuric January 14 2005 5:10 PM EST

The top 5 scores right now. Probably won't open in a frame. You'll have to figure out for yourself how to change it to display other people. Should be fairly obvious. :P

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 14 2005 5:11 PM EST

Manage Characters > Click you char name > View History Graph

Bmagnety January 14 2005 9:08 PM EST

i may be a lil late but I just noticed a few days ago & like it alot

Stephen Young January 15 2005 3:33 AM EST

I'd like to see a link on the clan page that shows history for all members on one graph.

AdminJonathan January 15 2005 3:40 PM EST

Added links to non-dropdown stats page. (Time to get out of the Dark Ages of browsers, guys.)

GnuUzir January 18 2005 5:13 PM EST

Please sir may we have a "home" link on the graph page.

AdminJonathan January 19 2005 12:18 PM EST

No. Use the sidebar.
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