CB1 Black Market (in Off-topic)

RIPsalt3d January 14 2005 8:00 AM EST

Only 64 more votes are required to spawn an Elven Long Sword. I'm sure there are plenty of people who qualify to vote but haven't thought of it since they don't play CB1 much/at all any more.

It only takes a moment to go to the CB1 Black Market and vote.

Don't do it for me; I don't want no stinkin' one handed weapon. But please, won't somebody think of the children!

RIPsalt3d January 14 2005 7:11 PM EST

Until I advise otherwise, I will pay $1k CB2 to anyone who votes for the ELS in CB1.

1. You must post here to advise you have voted, and the character you wish the cash to be sent to.
2. Once the ELS spawns, the offer is closed.

SBW January 14 2005 7:32 PM EST

i voted. send to "delian phalanx" please

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] January 14 2005 7:42 PM EST

I voted. My prize to Bartlett, please.

Goju Jim January 14 2005 7:46 PM EST

Voted for it. Send to Stepping Razor.

RIPsalt3d January 14 2005 7:47 PM EST

The cash is on it's way. To clarify (so I don't end up owing $287k), The offer is only valid from my first post. Thanks all, keep 'em coming!

Brakke Bres [Ow man] January 14 2005 8:15 PM EST

i voted sent cash to bikini bandits

Adrian Exodus January 14 2005 8:24 PM EST

i voted send cash to my char Me

xDanELx January 14 2005 8:33 PM EST

Voted as well. Please send to Uncle Scrooge.

BMWheatley January 14 2005 8:38 PM EST

I voted. Send to CwA please. : )

RIPsalt3d January 14 2005 11:27 PM EST

salt3d (Saints) BMWheatley (CwA) $1000 8:43 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) xDanELx (Uncle Scrooge) $1000 8:43 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Adrian Exodus (Me) $1000 8:27 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Ikke (Bikini bandits) $1000 8:27 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Goju Jim (Stepping Razor) $1000 7:50 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Bast (Bartlett) $1000 7:49 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) SirBubbleWrap (Delian Phalanx) $1000 7:49 PM EST

Only 42 votes to go! Don't forget to post to claim your reward.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] January 15 2005 1:37 AM EST

I voted send to Auction

Mythicpunk [Mythic Punks] January 15 2005 2:07 AM EST

Voted. send to Mythicpunk

Karver January 15 2005 2:54 AM EST

voted send cash to Karnage please.

[EG] Almuric January 15 2005 6:34 AM EST

I voted. Send to Almuric.

Power January 15 2005 7:15 AM EST

I just voted.

I was "swotl" on cb1. Send to "Elves"

krasko January 15 2005 7:33 AM EST

i voted too-my account there and here is krasko.Send to krasko.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] January 15 2005 10:26 AM EST

voted send to dragon_master.

QBRanger January 15 2005 10:41 AM EST

I voted also, but keep your cash. Just happy to help out.

RIPsalt3d January 15 2005 11:01 AM EST

Can you feel the love?

salt3d (Saints) Zoglog (dragon_master) $1000 10:57 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) krasko (krasko) $1000 7:42 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) Power (Elves) $1000 7:42 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) [EG] Almuric (almuric) $1000 6:56 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) Karver (Karnage) $1000 6:55 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) Mythicpunk (Mythicpunk) $1000 6:55 AM EST
salt3d (Saints) logan666 (Auction) $1000 6:54 AM EST

259 down, 28 to go. We can do it!

vendo January 15 2005 11:42 AM EST

Elven Long Sword 260 287 9.4%


Goon January 15 2005 11:52 AM EST

Was pleb in no1, to pleb in no 2 please. voted of course

Barron [CB2BANK Investors Club] January 15 2005 12:23 PM EST

i voted:
Elven Long Sword 262 287 8.7%

send to don kixothe--thanks

HellBlender January 15 2005 3:14 PM EST

I voted!
264   287   8.0%
Please send to Rocitek.

Maelstrom January 15 2005 6:18 PM EST

Just noticed this post, but I've voted the past two weeks:
Maelstrom January 10 2005 4:18 PM EST
Maelstrom January 5 2005 6:10 PM EST

Come on people! Only 23 votes left!

RIPsalt3d January 15 2005 6:22 PM EST

salt3d (Saints) HellBender (Rocitek) $1000 5:11 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Barron (Don Kixothe) $1000 5:10 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) Pleb (Pleb) $1000 5:09 PM EST
salt3d (Saints) vendo (Medius) $1000 5:08 PM EST

Go, go, go!

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] January 15 2005 6:31 PM EST

I voted :)
Send to King Chuckles, thanks :)

Bolfen January 15 2005 7:45 PM EST

I just voted (266 votes now). Send to Teter


[FireBreathing]Chicken January 15 2005 10:26 PM EST

267 :) ArmyofOne. thank you.

Becoming January 16 2005 2:18 AM EST

I can't believe people have to be paid to follow the BMVG on CB1. :(

RIPsalt3d January 16 2005 3:58 AM EST

It's unlikely that anyone who claimed their reward was sweating on a thousand dollars. It certainly doesn't mean much to me. I doubt there's many people that wouldn't have voted had the reward not been offered. It's more an attempt to draw attention to the subject by keeping the thread active.

Anyway, thanks for voting. Only 17 more to go, but there's less than 24 hours before votes start disappearing. Spread the word!

ANJAN January 16 2005 2:52 PM EST

voted. 14 to go. The Gud Guy(ANJAN) in CB2

Tribute January 16 2005 6:48 PM EST

I voted. Send to Tribute. If it matters my username in CB1 is [GE]-Alex.

RIPsalt3d January 17 2005 1:43 AM EST

We made it! With only six hours to spare, too. Thanks to everyone who voted; you guys are great! :)
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