Dispel magic clarification (in General)

QBsutekh137 January 19 2005 4:56 PM EST

in a recent talk, someone (moniker maybe?) said dispel dispels each enemy enchanters defensive spell person by person instead of combined effect. that sounds different then that one post that talks about spells like magic dust (that was pretty old thread tho). i will try to make example, but i suck at this -

ME = one dispel magic of effective cast of say 1000.

ENEMY = two AS guys each with AS level of 1000. (so together the level stacks to 2k, actual HP added is not really matter)

does my dm fizzle both of them totally, 1000 vs 1000, and leaving the enemy with no shield? Or do enemy minions have AS level 2000 around there heads and so my dm only fizzles half, 1000 vs 2000? anyone follow me here?

sorry to ask but i dont have dm and i dont have any defense spells to test out (playing wait and see lol). can anyone figure this out?

AdminJonathan January 19 2005 5:23 PM EST

DM takes effect as each enchantment is cast, not after all effects are totalled up.

QBsutekh137 January 19 2005 5:58 PM EST

thank you jonathan, and thanks moniker who was right too.

AS stacks beware! haha

[CB1]moniker January 19 2005 6:16 PM EST

ah, the sweet sweet death of the FBM Variant plague ...

Stephen Young January 19 2005 6:21 PM EST

Make DM's effectiveness closer to EC and I can see it not being too strong.

xDanELx January 20 2005 6:03 AM EST

In almost the same line, is it possible to cast both DM and AMF? So if you have just enough DM so that you don't cancel out your AMF. Because with AS, DM just lesses the effects, if not cancel, of AS. But this doesn't seem to be true with AMF. Its either it fizzles or completely goes through. Is this right?

RIPsalt3d January 20 2005 6:34 AM EST

this doesn't seem to be true with AMF

I'd love to know how you came to this conclusion. In fact, I'd be satisfied if you could point me to a character that casts both AMF and DM.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] January 20 2005 9:49 AM EST


My characters use both AMF and DM. I scale DM to a lower level than my AMF, and grow it slower. All DM does is lessen the effective level of AMF. *shrug* I've said it to others. I'd be more effective against DD if i lose the DM, I'd be more effective against Enchantments if I lose the AMF, but the way that I am, I end up doing a little better than OK against both DD and Enchantments.

xDanELx January 20 2005 12:33 PM EST

I was examining The Hades. Apparently he has a very small DM and 2 minions with AMF. :\ The first one fizzles, but the second goes through with great effect. I'm getting 0.67. ouch!

Myonax January 20 2005 12:58 PM EST

Do two DMs stack in level? or will the first DM decrease the effectiveness of the second DM?

AdminJonathan January 20 2005 1:21 PM EST

DM stacks normally.
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