fixed ranged upgrade prices (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 10:49 AM EST

x was too expensive and + was too cheap

Captainbraille January 25 2005 10:52 AM EST

A true hero =)

Bolfen January 25 2005 10:53 AM EST

woot! my comp just went to x18 ;) evildoers beware!

Chocolate Thunder January 25 2005 10:54 AM EST

From: system Sent: 10:48 AM EST Delivered: 10:50 AM EST
$13,844 sent to you after adjusting value of your Compound Bow
From: system Sent: 10:48 AM EST Delivered: 10:50 AM EST
$52,416 sent to you after adjusting value of your Enforcer's Crossbow

My bows are in rentals, I got the chatmails, but I don't think I've actually gotten the money.

{CB1}Lukeyman January 25 2005 10:57 AM EST

exact same sinario for me Fav

Tezmac January 25 2005 10:57 AM EST

"My bows are in rentals, I got the chatmails, but I don't think I've actually gotten the money. "

Same story here.

Moomba January 25 2005 10:58 AM EST

Looks like the x and + were adjusted on the bows. No actual money was sent to the owner.

Chocolate Thunder January 25 2005 10:59 AM EST

Cash: $651,582 on the character David Bowie

But if i click on the Manage Characters Screen it shows $717,842

Chocolate Thunder January 25 2005 11:01 AM EST

Now i got it, I'm just too impatient. But my Exbow just went from x12 - x19. Me thinks i like this change.

[From CB1]Tequito January 25 2005 11:03 AM EST

hit the train button... well.. at least that's what you had to do in cb1...

GnuUzir January 25 2005 11:11 AM EST

How does this effect the % of dex or str reduction by the Axbows and Exbows?

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] January 25 2005 11:48 AM EST

my short bow went from x11 + 18 to x9 +8... the + i don't care about.. but that x.. oh man, that kinda bites.

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 11:52 AM EST

"oh man, my newbie weapon x is lower"


AgentAia January 25 2005 11:58 AM EST

Wow this is great! My x12 hxbow went to x18 and is doing almost 2x the damage it used to!

*happy dance*

Todd January 25 2005 12:08 PM EST

So, this is the "ranged formula changed" thing we've all heard about.

It appears that ranged is now like melee. Meaning, you can get your elbow up to x26, but it will be like getting a Morgul up to x26.. not huge damage of 2,500,000 damage per hit we were seeing in CB1.

QBsutekh137 January 25 2005 12:11 PM EST

yes, train to get your money. i had something in rentals too, still got cash.

am confused about "idiot" comment. if x was too expensive and was adjusted, shouldn't x go up? i guess it depends where on price curve it is.

agent, your weapon went from x12 to x18? why that would go up so much while other ranged weapons go down on x?

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] January 25 2005 12:12 PM EST

"x was too expensive and + was too cheap"

so you increase the cost of the x on a short bow,
and then increase the cost of the + on a short bow...
yes, that makes sense.

i would comment "idiot" as well, but i'm not a complete moron.

{cb1}Linguala January 25 2005 12:15 PM EST

the x on my axbow went down?
system said i got some cash back and didn't notice anything of that in my purse either.

this was my axbow before reset: Working on An Assassin's Crossbow [4x9] (+4)
this is the axbow after reset: An Assassin's Crossbow [4x8] (+7)

I thought x was too expensive?
i put like 200+ ba into getting that x to 9 :-/

QBsutekh137 January 25 2005 12:15 PM EST

i apologize for being idiot too. I see now, and see why some weapons would go up while some down. didn't realize how drastic change to upgrade curve was. thanks todd for clarifcation.

PoisoN January 25 2005 12:26 PM EST

Got no promised money here too.

QBsutekh137 January 25 2005 2:17 PM EST

Linguala, at low end on x curve, you may have lost one x due to rounding (and got cash back probably). upgrades costs are very much reduced, so depending on where you at in the upgrade curve, you might have gone up a whole bunch or down a little. my compiosite went from 9 to 8 too. you will see it takes lots less than 200 ba to get back to 9 :)

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 2:22 PM EST

/wishes the idiots complaining they can't see their money would read the damn thread

AdminShade January 25 2005 3:21 PM EST

for the less good looking people

hit the train button... well.. at least that's what you had to do in cb1...

this works!

AdminShade January 25 2005 3:25 PM EST

and YAY to you Jonathan:

A Staff Sling [2x1] (+0) 88
A Sling [1x1] (+0) 38

finally i got 2 base ranged weapons :D

AdminShade January 25 2005 4:17 PM EST

sorry for the triple post but how will this affect exbow and axbow?

i mean they 'used to' drain 1% for every X...

will they now remain draining 1% for every X or will the formula that is behind it be altered that they drain less per X? (perhaps this is already dealt with but noone has seen yet...)

AdminJonathan January 25 2005 4:32 PM EST

that was part of the new ranged formula since cb2 came out

{cb1}Linguala January 25 2005 5:15 PM EST

Thanks for the update all, appreciate the feed-back.

AdminShade January 26 2005 6:21 AM EST

ahh cool

Thanks Jon :)

Peter at home February 1 2005 3:30 PM EST

Jon, I have been comparing the upgrade prices of bow and I am not sure if you didn't miss to fix the upgrade costs of short bow on x.

I have 2 bows:
A Composite Bow [4x18] (+17) 363,200
A Short Bow [2x12] (+11) 358,590

which have nearly the same value but the composite is x18 and short bow is x12... it looks no ok. What is more I checked the upgrade prices of bows:
Composite bow from x18 to x25 costs 269k
Short bow from x 12 to x 19 .... 7.9 mil

For me it seams that upgrade cost of x on short bow was not fixed.
Or am I wrong and it is intentional to have such high upgrade cost on short bow?

CooperTX February 1 2005 3:33 PM EST

I may be wrong, but I think his thought was that the short bow would be an entry bow then you would buy bigger bows as you progress. Therefore the short bow would not be suitable for long term use and upgrades.

AdminJonathan February 1 2005 3:59 PM EST

short bow is intended to be expensive to upgrade.

Xlorn February 1 2005 4:39 PM EST

Tax on the silly for using a short bow for that long? =P

Peter at home February 1 2005 8:05 PM EST

Don't get me wrong Xlorn. I upgraded the short bow before the change and after the change I realized the upgrade cost of short bow doesn't changed. Either Jon forgot it, or it was an intention.

Now he confirmed it is meant like that, I am going to adapt according to the information I have...

Lumpy Koala February 1 2005 9:32 PM EST

maybe he wants to make short bows + shields + 2H Weap, to be some what lesser penalty or no penalty at all :) well just a guess.

Peter at home February 1 2005 10:03 PM EST

Still I think that short bow has upgrade curve on x logaritmic and other bows have it somehow linearly increasing... and because of that I think short bow is unusable at least for me and for most people.

[MG]Mecca-Devilbot [Clan of One] February 3 2005 1:20 AM EST

Bingo. kinda what i said. i compare the cost for a short bow to that of a dagger now. execpt the dagger + is prolly cheaper, and the x is as well. and it does more damage. but other then that.....
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