Quitting (in Public Record)

Cranium Basher February 10 2005 3:34 AM EST

Yes, Bast can cheer. I'm done, nothing really to give out, sold it for usd. :S (which dia possible stole haha) Umm Mrchuckles gets my Toj, don't think there is anything else to give.

I'll send it when it gets back from rentals.

200k to anyone who can guess why i'm leaving I guess... (differant reason then in any of my posts)

Reebok February 10 2005 3:40 AM EST

Ummm, you're heart broken because I beat you in chess?

Just kidding.

But really, my guess would be you got a job that doesn't allow for you to be competative in CB anymore or your girlfriend/wife/signicant other is upset because you spend too much time buying imaginary longswords.

Sucks to see ya go man, I was hoping we could have a rematch in the next chess tourney. Good luck in life.

AdminShade February 10 2005 3:55 AM EST

damn, not fun to see you walking out of me.

i won't say i don't like the 200K but i'm not going to compete for it.

*shakes Shades LAMP's hand*

MrC [DodgingTheEvilForgeFees] February 10 2005 4:00 AM EST

Sorry to see you go :(

Cranium Basher February 10 2005 4:16 AM EST

I'll stop by every now and then, to vote in the market... w/e... Well see <_<

Reebok February 10 2005 4:53 PM EST

you know i don't know if you are a guy or girl (although, just checked, you do have a picture of a girl on your profile) so girlfriend/wife/significant other should read; girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/significant other. But yeah anyway, cya TNO.

renegade February 10 2005 4:56 PM EST

lost interest?

GnuUzir February 10 2005 6:59 PM EST

Weren't you moving to California, and would have no internet for a while?

Cranium Basher February 10 2005 7:24 PM EST

That is a reason, but not THE reason.

200k to anyone who can guess why i'm leaving I guess... (differant reason then in any of my posts)

AdminShade February 10 2005 7:48 PM EST

you needed the money because you're getting married and you are leaving because your girlfriend dislikes this game. :)

Redemption [Axis of Evil] February 10 2005 8:41 PM EST

your joining the military...or uh...your giving it up because your catholic for a while... (not catholic...and i dont remember what its called)..what want to spend more time with your dog.....

Dark Skye February 10 2005 8:48 PM EST

my guess would be, when you get to California your priorities will be getting your feet planted on the ground and setting a plan in motion with your girls father your new gaurdian. This of course is only because you care about this girl more than Cb so building a life for her is more important to you than spending hour in front of the computer playing cb. As a side note, you will be trying to prove yourself to your girls parents while working for her father in his buisness, as well as to yourself to show that you can do what you set your minde to.

Just a random guys guess... if by chance i win, please send the cash to Demon Eyes Kyo
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