Nomads of Valinor need an emu or two (in General)

BrandonLP February 10 2005 11:25 PM EST

Short PP needed for emus costing over 700k unless USD is desired. But seriously, NoV is looking to expand horizons and at the request of Fuhgawz, I'm making a short post about it. To even qualify for NoV, you must meet the following requirements:

1.) Able to earn 2k+ clan points each day. This is relatively easy to do if you can log on quite a bit to spend BA and even easier to accomplish if you beat 3 point clan members.

2.) Willingness to learn and grow as a CB player and as an individual. Too many times players get caught up in a strategy that isn't exactly working well. While we applaud those of you who play the game and play it how you want, Valinor is a fairly competitive clan and as such, we'd like to see you build your character in such manner that you succeed within Valinor and the game. However, as long as you're able to keep 2k+ clan points, most members will just offer suggestions and let you do your own thing.

And now, the part you've all been waiting for, the questioning:

1.) What makes you think you might think about thinking about having Valinor think about accepting your position about thinking about Valinor?

2.) Is blue your favorite color?

3.) If we asked you to take a picture of yourself wearing a funny sombrero, what would be the cost of a pound of rice in Canada?

4.) Why Valinor? Why not Brimstone or Hellfire? They're nice guys..

5.) Will you PLEASE give me a ToE?

6.) A lot of arguing has been done between AMF and DM. Explain your position on both.

Best of luck to all of you lucky applicants!

Fuhgawz February 10 2005 11:43 PM EST

Thanks BLP like he said were competitive. Yet our faction doesn't make new chars every time we get to 50k pr to stay at the top... Not mentioning any names... *cough*SoV*cough* but we just want to make sure were consistent and its about time we started being that way. Thanks... Oh and SoV i was messin with ya. No hard feelings I hope :P *cough*cheaters*cough* :P

Fuhgawz February 11 2005 9:32 AM EST

Come on people were still lokking for some new recruits

sasquatchan February 11 2005 9:38 AM EST

A midget, an emu, next a lion tamer, and you'll put on a circus ? ;)

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] February 11 2005 9:46 AM EST

No no no! We are conducting illegal and immoral experiments into cross-breeding. *cackle*

Fuhgawz February 11 2005 11:58 AM EST

Were seriously looking for some new members... Is there noone that wants to join?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 11 2005 12:46 PM EST

Right. I think a press gang is in order...

You sir, yes you. You've taken the kings shilling. You're ours now!


Fuhgawz February 11 2005 2:46 PM EST

Still looking for one more member...

Fuhgawz February 13 2005 7:56 AM EST

were still looking so if you want to join comon
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