Simple: Guess what my Favorite Thing to Do Is For 10k (in Contests)

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 11:19 AM EST

Ok, You Only get 2 Questions that are Yes or No and 1 guess of what my FAv thing to do is.
Like so:
*EXAMPLE* this thing hard to do? this take time to do?
Your Fav thing to do is arts and crafts?

The Prize is 10k and each person only gets 2 Q's and 1 guess...

Have Fun and let the guessing begin..

Mythology February 14 2005 11:24 AM EST

Guess : Making love to a beautiful woman?

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 11:26 AM EST

LOL good guess but no

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 1:26 PM EST

Its more of a sport or a hobbie....

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 1:30 PM EST

no guesses......Winnings Raised to 15k!

Wasp February 14 2005 1:32 PM EST

Does the sport use balls which are round?

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 1:33 PM EST


BrandonLP February 14 2005 1:38 PM EST


{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 1:40 PM EST


renegade February 14 2005 1:57 PM EST


{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 2:04 PM EST


Good Guesses ...keep them coming

Pronell [] February 14 2005 2:30 PM EST

1. Is the game played on a field?
2. Is the game played on a court?

{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 2:32 PM EST

be specific

1.yes mostly very rarely

Wolvie February 14 2005 2:56 PM EST

1. When you aren't on the field are you in sand or water?
2. Do you curse the day you first got golf clubs?
Is it golf?

{CB1}Lukeyman February 14 2005 5:08 PM EST


{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 5:50 PM EST



{CB3}-HR22 February 14 2005 5:51 PM EST

If you would like another hint send 1k to POT(hellrazor22 char) and it will be added to the 15k winnings.

Mythology February 14 2005 6:18 PM EST

You'd rather play a sport than make love to a beautiful woman? I summarise you must be an alien, or a woman, and therefore you love most : to mess with people's minds.

Reebok February 14 2005 6:24 PM EST

My first guesses...

Do you smash into people?
Do you throw the ball?
Is it Rugby?

Mythology February 14 2005 6:27 PM EST

Rugby ball = oval

Pronell [] February 14 2005 6:33 PM EST

Is it cricket?

SBW February 14 2005 6:41 PM EST

Do you use your feet?
Do you have a base/goal?
Is it...kickball? =$ /me has no idea

Cossadinha February 14 2005 8:01 PM EST

guess: polo

Reebok February 15 2005 6:23 AM EST

got it, it's tennis.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 15 2005 7:14 AM EST

I've never seen a "tennis field", but okay.

{CB3}-HR22 February 15 2005 1:01 PM EST

everyone's guesses are wrong.....
This contest has ended and my favorite thing to do is.....
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