Should i go EM ot TM on my character?? (in General)

48Zach February 20 2005 2:44 PM EST

post your opinions here . Right now i have a fb mage that has dm aswell. should i make a tank to go with it or a enchanter????

QBRanger February 20 2005 2:56 PM EST

Depends on your finances.

If your rich like people think I am, then get a tank, in the long run youll do more damage. But remember tanks need a lot of NW to be effective.

If your not or money conservative then an enchanter is best.

If you go enchanter you can drop the DM from your mage and learn it on the enchanger increasing your FB.

Just my thoughts.

48Zach February 20 2005 2:59 PM EST

also should i go ETM??

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] February 20 2005 7:03 PM EST

The only reaon I added an E to my mage (same set up as yours) was that I wanted to use a CBF, and needed another minion to train DM. Have you considered staying solo and using a ToE?

Quark February 21 2005 11:39 AM EST

I tried TM with a tank first wearing the ToJ. The tank only exists to use the axbow and drain strength from the opponent ToJ or tanks, so I ignore most of the tank XP in favor of dex, allowing me to keep a reasonable AMF on the tank.
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