March is a change month, right? (in General)

Todd March 1 2005 10:21 AM EST

In CB1, we had change months every other month for a long while there. Is this the case in CB2?

For those asking "what's a change month?" All I can offer as help is: hahahaha

AdminJonathan March 1 2005 10:23 AM EST

faqs -> behind the scenes

DizzyGuy March 1 2005 10:30 AM EST

oh oh oh... you should so do something big on the Ides of March!

KingMeng March 1 2005 10:40 AM EST

For those too lazy to see the FAQ....

Q: What will you be adding next?

A: You'll find out when I'm done adding them. The perceptive player may notice clues in some of the polls we run, but remember CB is not a democracy. Don't bother asking for more info because I will just ignore you.

Changes impacting game balance are only made during odd-numbered months.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 1 2005 10:43 AM EST

Or see Stats --> Spell/Skill

QBRanger March 1 2005 11:21 AM EST

one change that I noticed is that tattoos endurance works on cobf's. that is they do not take the damage they did before. normally a tattoos would take 220k on my cobf but now I have seen less than 50k sometimes.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 1 2005 11:37 AM EST

LOL so ToE's get another boost.

Caedmon [Revenge of the Forgers] March 1 2005 12:18 PM EST

yup, CB isn't a's a cheer-ocracy. :)

AdminJonathan March 1 2005 1:19 PM EST

I haven't made any balance changes yet. Endurance (and protection) have always affected CBF damage.

Mythology March 1 2005 1:34 PM EST

"yet" just one little word, only three letters, holds such power and foreboding :)

vendo March 1 2005 8:30 PM EST

Graphs have a few new options.
Anyone else find anything else?

Stephen March 1 2005 9:29 PM EST

I found two new changelog posts
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