Feature Request (in General)

Mithril March 2 2005 4:19 PM EST

Could a link be added to either fight window or opponent window (standard) to add an opponent directly to your favorites list?

AdminJonathan March 2 2005 4:43 PM EST

It's right there on the inspect page, if that's what you mean by "opponent window."

Mithril March 2 2005 6:53 PM EST

Hmm not sure what you mean....by opponent window I meant left side of screen which the opponet drop down is, have a link right next to "Inspect" that say add to favorites or something. Only way I see to do it now is to click favorites then click edit then click add, then type in name if your lucky enough to remember it. If Im wrong lemme know, thought that was only way.

Chargerz-Back March 2 2005 6:56 PM EST

Inspect > Add to Favorites

Mithril March 2 2005 6:58 PM EST

Well then, I see it now. I must be blind, I could have sworn that wasnt there before. Thank you for pointing it out, thats a much easier way to do it then I was using. Thanks again.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 2 2005 7:56 PM EST

Didn't really wanna add a new thread for this, so thought I'd just add it in here, what about a javascript button "Max" in the transfer funds section, that automatically puts in the maximum amount that can be transferred from the current char into the money to transfer field. Would make harvesting funds from farms quite a bit easier and would be kinda fun too.
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