Question on tattoo experience (in General)

BrandonLP March 7 2005 12:15 PM EST

A friend and I got to talking and I mentioned being led to believe that tattoos received an amount of experience equivalent to the overall experience earned in a battle. IE, if a 3 minion char fought and won 30 exp each, it was if the tattoo earned 90 exp. Am I wrong in this line of thinking?

AdminJonathan March 7 2005 2:36 PM EST


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 7 2005 2:41 PM EST

So Tattoo's earn the same amount of xp as the minions do, and will therefore level quickest on single minions?

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] March 7 2005 2:55 PM EST

According to BrandonLP's question and Jon's response tattoos gain an amount of exp equal to the total exp gained by the char so a 4 minion char would level a tattoo quicker.

AdminJonathan March 7 2005 2:57 PM EST

The answer is yes. Now, put on your reading comprehension hats and figure out what the question was...

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 7 2005 2:58 PM EST

Logan, I think you read that wrong. BrandonLP's question at the end was "Am I wrong in this line of thinking?" to which Jonathon replied "Yes". Which indicates that a 4 minion team would not earn exp fastest for a tattoo.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] March 7 2005 3:00 PM EST

Forget what I just said. Reread it and I need to pay more attention.

Bolfen March 7 2005 3:14 PM EST

so a better question is:
So how is the level of a tattoo determined by battle?

Descent March 7 2005 3:16 PM EST

Bolfen, to answer your question: Experiment and find out. =P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 7 2005 3:34 PM EST

It's either a fixed amount, a standard amount that all Tat's get (that's figured out on something... Their level to opponets Score ratio for example) Or equal to the xp that each minion gets as shown on the fight screen...


BrandonLP March 7 2005 4:36 PM EST

GL is on the right track. I'm led to believe, now, that single minion characters would probably be best for tattoo leveling.

AdminJonathan March 7 2005 5:17 PM EST

Number of minions does not affect tattoo leveling rate.

Steve G March 7 2005 5:19 PM EST

i always thought it was a quarter of the teams experience gained

BrandonLP March 7 2005 5:21 PM EST

Thanks for the clarification, Jon. Handy information to know.

Hyrule Castle [Defy] March 7 2005 7:27 PM EST

how about instead of all of us keep guessing....john just tell us the answer... or we can all just forget about it?

Descent March 7 2005 7:30 PM EST

Hyrule, Jon does not typically give out all the answers. Much of what we know nowadays has been deciphered by industrious players with too much time on thier hands. Forge cycles are a good example of this. 99% of the formulas that people use when forging where discovered by players willing to do the testing necessary to benefit the community. If people are so concerned with the rate at which a tattoo levels, perhaps they should test one out on different sized teams. /my two cents.

Hyrule Castle [Defy] March 7 2005 7:33 PM EST

ok well I have done some testing... and I have scene that when a lower level person than the tattoo uses it and attacks 160x they level the tattoo up by around 300-400 levels a run.... whereas when I use it and attack 160x I might be able to level it at most around 200 times.... so in conclustion I beleive that if u have a lower lvl person level the tattoo it will go much quicker than actually leveling a tattoo that is smaller than You on your own

QBsutekh137 March 7 2005 7:40 PM EST

I am charting growth of the biggest ToJs in the game and will be posting an elaborate analysis in a couple of weeks. It is hard to say how much experience a tattoo gets because it is difficult to determine the "effect" of the tattoo's level. A ToJ trains hidden attributes such as Evasion, Endurance, and UC. Good luck figuring out how winnings are doled out when you can't actually see the end result. *smile*

My analysis is going to compare the largest ToJ's growth with what a single tank would realize in gains for a similar number of battles. Or something like that.

AdminJonathan March 7 2005 10:20 PM EST

actually, there's a really easy way to tell how much xp tattoos get. Hint: the DD familiars train all their XP into their spell.

QBsutekh137 March 8 2005 12:46 AM EST

Yes, that one is simple. *smile* The level is visible, and we know they only train one thing. Care to give us the scoop on ToJs? They appear to train 1/3 in HP and DEX, 1/5 in STR (or is it 1/4) and I guess the rest is split across UC, Evasion, and Endurance? Are you saying the level of trained attributes sums up to the level?

I thought ToAs trained around 60-70% of the level in both STR and DEX. That sums to more than 1.00. ? I guess my theory has some holes...

deifeln March 8 2005 12:48 AM EST

I'm pretty sure my ToA trains STR and DEX equally.

QBsutekh137 March 8 2005 1:00 AM EST

Yes, d. That is what I said. At around 60% of the ToA level each. 60 plus 60 is 120 percent. So I am wondering whether or not the sum of attribute levels is supposed to equal the tattoo level or not?

AdminJonathan March 8 2005 9:31 AM EST

What I'm saying is all tattoos gain exp/lvl at the same rate.

QBsutekh137 March 8 2005 9:49 AM EST

OK. Thanks. Regardless of what some other have said, I think Jonathan is being particularly informative in this thread. *smile*

Doc [girl power] March 8 2005 10:33 AM EST

I notice that when I make 5k xp with my character, my LTOE goes up by 200 levels.


Myonax March 8 2005 10:50 AM EST

when you say "all" Jon, I assume your not referring to Lesser tats...

AdminJonathan March 8 2005 10:57 AM EST


Xenko March 8 2005 11:38 AM EST

In CB1, I charted my PR growth vs my trained experience and there was a trend. It didn't matter into what stat/skill/spell my exp was trained nor how high a certain stat/skill/spell increased with the exp trained into it. The only factor seemed to be the total amount of exp I trained.

I am assuming this relationship is still the one Jon is using, and that it can also be applied to Tattoo levels and their experience gain. Thus by studying the amount of experience a Tattoo gains each fight, and the corresponding level increases, one should be able to derive the approximate equation Jon uses. It should not make a difference whether you use a ToJ or ToA etc.

For lesser tattoos, it might simply be that they only gain, for example, 1/2 the experience each fight that a regulat tattoo would gain, thus they take the same amount of exp/level, it just takes them longer to accumulate the required exp.

Xenko March 8 2005 11:40 AM EST

Err disregard my last comment on lesser tattoo's. I took a long phone call in the midst of writing that reply, and Jon answered in between the time I started the reply and finished.

budice March 8 2005 4:14 PM EST

Having the largest ToJ in the game and also having it in rentals i find that the fastest way for it to grow is when 10-20k PR chars rent it. They get 200exp and 300-400$ per fight with it. If i see that someone like that has rented it I PM them with a note like this "Hi I see that you rented my ToJ. You should be able to beat 100-120PR chars with it, and you should also make a lot more money then you spend on BA also, so buying all your BA will make you lots more money. Good Luck and have fun with it." It's great when a new player rents it and spends about 760 BA on it. 480 to buy + 160 they have + 120 they get in the 2 hours rental time.
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