RE: Quiting... Sent all my worldy possessions to Severswoed (in Public Record)

Severswoed March 11 2005 12:56 PM EST

What the hell did you find me for? And before you fine me for hell, if it is allowed to be said in church it is PG. I want my 50k back you had no reason to fine me.

I thought I was missing some money. DIngleberry and I work together, He is quitting and is venting his thoughts, If you can't handle it fine someone else. What in the hell possessed you to fine me for what he said. thats crap.

And while your at it why don't you post a list of non-pg words so that we know what we can and can't say in this Nazi run Hitler(racism not inteended, stated meerly for visual effect) camp you seem to have created

xDanELx March 11 2005 1:03 PM EST

Please let this go. 50k is nothing and you have gotten so much stuff for free. It is not about Dingleberry saying a few words or whether "hell" is pg or not. It is about what he is saying and what he meant. If you do not get why people are flaming him...

Let this go. Do not not talk about this. I've seen Dingleberry's posts and I understand why the fines are being posted. If you do persist, a 50k fine is the least of your worries. Just a friendly advice.

Todd March 11 2005 1:04 PM EST

/me hands Severswoed an asbestos suit.

bartjan March 11 2005 1:04 PM EST

The fact that he's quitting doesn't mean he can do whatever he likes because he's gone. It is *his* cash that I fined. the fact that you happen to be the one that was holding the cash is irrelevant.
If you disagree with this, then talk to Dingleberry and demand the $50k from him...

Severswoed March 11 2005 1:05 PM EST

Well its kind of hard to get it from him since you took it all, I paid Dingleberry USD for his stuff.

You didnt take his money, you took mine.

bartjan March 11 2005 1:08 PM EST

Then demand it in USD, or have him buy lunch for you ;)

Nixon Jibfest March 11 2005 1:11 PM EST

Out of curiousity, is there a statute of limitation on this? If dingleberry comes back in 6 months and does what he does best, will severswoed be fined again?

Severswoed March 11 2005 1:14 PM EST

Im about to sell out for USD, This is ridiculous, Good point Jibfest, what if he were to return later down the road, he has a supportership his account won't be deleted unless *someone* deletes it.

You gonna fine me then too. Or do you feel the need to just run some more people off from the game?

Dingleberry March 11 2005 1:14 PM EST

This is rich. They can't fine me so they pick on my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of chickens are these??????? Come on people. I was having some fun trolling and you all fell for it so you pick on someone else instead of punishing me.


DUM[ ]BASS.........

Todd March 11 2005 1:17 PM EST


There are 2 issues at play here:

1. A person quitting does not have free reign to post whatever he wants because he cannot be fined. In the past, we used to do exactly what bartjan did.. fine the goods where ever they were. However, normally, the fineable offenses were within minutes, or hours of the trasnfers.


2. There should be a reasonable timeline when those transfered goods belong to the new owner, and are not part of any punishment to the former owner.

So, if dingle went non-pg within minutes/hours of the transfer, then the goods are free game for fines. However, if there were further fines from subsequent infractions, then those goods should not be touched.

Just my 2 cents.

Nixon Jibfest March 11 2005 1:18 PM EST

Please don't ban him. His threads are so much more interesting to read than FS/WTB threads.

Severswoed March 11 2005 1:19 PM EST

Its has been a few days or more. I can pull up my logs and look but i believe it was earlier this week he sent me the items.

Good Point.

Severswoed March 11 2005 1:22 PM EST


Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) $200000 March 7 2005 9:19 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Boots ($3847) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Boots ($3847) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Boots ($3847) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($2115) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($2115) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($2115) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Pair of Leather Gauntlets ($951) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Hard Leather Cap ($5649) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Hard Leather Cap ($5649) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson Too) A Cabasset ($1319) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Hard Leather Armor ($11206) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Hard Leather Armor ($7531) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Hard Leather Armor ($7531) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Hard Leather Armor ($7531) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Cloak ($5180) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Pair of Leather Boots ($3847) March 7 2005 9:08 PM EST
Dingleberry (Champion) Severswoed (Tybson) A Trollskin Armor ($731094) March 7 2005 9:06 PM EST
Dingleberry (Sto_rage) Severswoed (Tybson) A Tattoo of Jigorokano ($26695) March 7 2005 9:05 PM EST

[EG] Almuric March 11 2005 1:23 PM EST

It was pretty obvious this morning where this was all going. He sold his stuff, has nothing left to lose. He isn't going to stop and play nice. Why isn't he banned already?

Special J March 11 2005 1:26 PM EST

the solution is quite simple, go over the admin's head.

It was not right to fine another person for someone's actions REGUARDLESS of what you "thought".

The goods were purchased, therefore not his to be used for paying fines.

If you don't like him and his postings, ban him....quite simple, even for the simple.

xDanELx March 11 2005 1:30 PM EST

mrwuss, as far as I know, there was no post regarding a USD payment. All it says was Dingleberry transferred all items and then the name calling started. No mention of USD paid until this post. Do not hit bartjan on this. He is doing an admin's task, nothing more. Some may go a bit further than we think but still, they are doing their task.

Nixon Jibfest March 11 2005 1:32 PM EST

Looks like dingleberry no longer exists.

moser March 11 2005 1:33 PM EST

So if I buy something from someone and four days later they go off in the forums I can be fined for it?

Special J March 11 2005 1:35 PM EST

Its seems doing a task without using a bit of time to take care of the problem is not quite doing a task.

Now this is the situation, 2 highly upset people.
Out of those 2, 1 is a complete moron.
Without the complete moron, the situation does not exist.
So lets get rid of the complete moron not punish others for his crimes, eh.

Less idiots = less issues to deal with.

You can obviously tell the "non pg" (read: moron) the guy is not going to stop.

Special J March 11 2005 1:36 PM EST

obviously, good riddance.

[Beo]AggroHippie March 11 2005 1:41 PM EST

I think that the stuff that Severswoed bought was his for 3-4 days, and shouldn't have been fined for someone else's rant. I'm guessing that the next step is fining all the ppl that posted here, because they were disagreeing with an op, even though todd thinks that it was wrong. You cannot expect someone to control someone else's rampages and hold them responsible, thats not going to hurt DB. as you can see by his post here he doesnt care, so fining Severswoed is counterproductive, just ban DB and give sever his 50k back, its not the fact that he has plenty, its just that it shouldnt have been taken.

xDanELx March 11 2005 1:42 PM EST

I hope Severswoed doesn't let the non-existent person use his account to post more. :)

Arorrr March 11 2005 1:49 PM EST


Since original post, dingleberry WAS SAYING he's giving his stuff FREELY to Severswoed. Then he started making fun of Jon then admin. Here is what I really see:


Corporation Dingleberry, before filling for Bankruptcy under Chapter 11, signed over all of its assets to Corporation Severswoed and declared the transfer as goodwill.

The Bankruptcy Judge Admin looked at the case and saw the abused transfered before the filling. He ruled that Corporation Dingleberry attempted transferring its asset before filling for protection unfairly under the current market. Therefor he ordered the recovery of some of the assets (50K total) back from Corporation Severswoed to pay for the debt.

After the rule, Corporation Severswoed started crying that the transferring of asset was not goodwill but a real USD-CB2 transaction. Therefor, Corporation Severswoed legally owns these assets.

Disclaimer: This report is based solely on Arorrr investigation for general public distribution. Arorrr does not claim Corporation Severswoed has any affiliation with Corporation Dingleberry. At the time of this report, Corporation Dingleberry is no longer a traded public company.
(c) 2005, Arorrr News Corporation

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 11 2005 1:52 PM EST

Whoot!!!! We need more investigative reporting like this!

xDanELx March 11 2005 1:54 PM EST

LOL... Beautiful Arorrr. Well said. =D

moser March 11 2005 2:00 PM EST

Except for the word 'freely' which wasn't in the original post, he never addressed what he might or might not be getting in return for the goods. It is humorous, but the facts were twisted to provide for a reason that the cbd was taken, I just find it very worrisome that I might log on one day and find stuff missing for a reason not of my doing.

Severswoed March 11 2005 2:02 PM EST

I paid DB for his items, I stated this to many people. I did not post because we work together and i didnt think it was relevant.

Bart you were wrong in fining me, simply put. What if he were to reregister and do it again. You gonna fine me again?

I could have done a lot of forging with 50k but oh well its mute point now.

You were wrong, Arror nifty post, did you happen to notice the span of time from the transfers to the disgruntle post tough?

Redemption [Axis of Evil] March 11 2005 2:30 PM EST

Ok...some guy goes and shoots a man and kills him.... the guy then turns the gun on himself and commits suicide...who’s to blame?

so what bartjan did.... is went to McDonalds....and arrested the mans mother because before he killed himself he wrote in his will that his mother would get everything...mother spends a life time in jail for a crime that her son did....

now doesn’t that sound stupid.....

if you use common sense you can solve these problems that these supposedly "morons" made....

at least give him his money back and acknowledge you made a mistake.....
Just my opinion :)

Arorrr March 11 2005 3:01 PM EST

Severswoed, did you miss my 8^) ? I did put some twist to the event to make it ENTERTAINING but I am not attempting doing a Dan Rather investigation report, mind you.

!!! A Brankruptcy Evasion, Part 2 !!!
The latest ruling from the bankruptcy judge on the case of CB2 vs Corporation Dingleberry raises many legal issues. As it stands, 50K worth of assets of Corporation Severswoed had been frozen Corporation Dingleberry's debt.

The ruling is largely based on one way transferring of assets that Corporation Dingleberry disclosed before the filling (Corporation Dingleberry public released "Quiting... Sent all my worldy possessions to Severswoed" yesterday). After the ruling, Corporation Severswoed published a statement that the ruling is unjust and declared its intent to ask higher court to reverse the ruling. Subsequencely, two hours after the ruling, Corporation Severswoed disclosed its finanical data proving that the transferring of asset is not a one-way deal but USD-CB2 deal.

In the latest legal battle, Corporation Severswoed challenged a key point in the ruling that the assets belonging to Corporation Dingleberry was improperly transferred to Corporation Severswoed. It also brings up the point that because the latest disclosure of the USD-CB2 deal was not available to the bankruptcy judge at the time of the ruling, it is confident that it will get the ruling reversed in higher court.

The case hings on two critical legal points. Was the transferring of assets legal and before the filling of Chapter 11? If Corporation Severswoed can prove the transferring was legal under all circumstances, it as a good case to argue that Corporation Severswoed should not be penalized for Corporation Dingleberry mishap. It can also ask higher court to reverse the ruling because the bankruptcy judge did not have the latest financial record of the deal and subsequencially ruled in favor against Corporation Severswoed.

The legal battle still ensues. Corporation Severswoed may lose this round but it is not over. Stay stune for more action.

(c) 2005, Arorrr News Corporation

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 11 2005 3:25 PM EST

Ok, if someone were to steal money from a bank, say for this thread 50k, the person that stole the money, gave it to someone else, that money is not rightfully theirs, so the cops would track the money from the robber to the person the robber gave the money turn the money would have to go back to the bank, where it originally started.

So if you think about it......Dingelberry name called, which cost him 50k, but before he was fined he gave it off to Sever, so, in turn the money was sent to the correct place, by fining Sever and getting the money from the "fining".

- Dingleberry = A
- Severswoed = B
- Fined Money = x

Ax, x-->B.........Bx - - - which means Sever has the money that Dingleberry was supposed to be fined for his rant.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 11 2005 3:30 PM EST

You know, I seem to recall in the deleted section of Dingle's post that he made a comment to the effect of "I'm going to say this because I'm leaving anyways". Sorry, I can't remember the exact words used and it's been deleted.

In my mind, that comment alone told me that Dingle knew ahead of time that he was going to be penalized for his actions, and took steps to attempt to nullify the penalty (I.E. sold/gave his possessions to severswoed). This indicates that he gave malicious forethought to his action.

While I sympathize with Severswoed for the loss of goods, I must state that the one that Severswoed should be angry with is Dingle for deliberately setting up this situation, instead of admins who are performing their jobs.

Severswoed March 11 2005 3:32 PM EST

thats crap.

Todd March 11 2005 3:34 PM EST

Yes, but the issue is that Severswoed is not responsible for FUTURE infractions on Dingleberry's part. ie, if dingleberry makes another account right now, comes in and goes non-pg, should Severs pay for that too?

moser March 11 2005 3:37 PM EST

The guy transfered the money four days before he committed the offense that deserved to be fined.

So that lame analogy should have read 'a guy gives/sells his things and then four or so days later attempts to rob a bank so we robbed somebody he knew for revenge'.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 11 2005 3:39 PM EST


Out of Game Scenario: Dingleberry prints some counterfeit bills and pays you with them. When you spend the fake bills, the police question you and confiscate the fakes. By your "That's crap" statement, you are essentially saying that the police are in the wrong and Dingleberry is innocent.

Yes, it's a different context to here, but what I'm getting at is the intent. Dingleberry knew he was going to break the rules. He knew he was going to be punished for it. He (whether deliberate or not) set you up to take part of the fall by giving you the items that are publicly known to be the standard punishment for this (his money). Whether you get angry at him for being stupid, or for setting you up for this depends on whether or not you think he did this deliberately. Either way, Dingleberry should be the one you are angry with, not the admins.

Severswoed March 11 2005 3:39 PM EST

thank you, my point exactly.

AdminJonathan March 11 2005 3:39 PM EST

Bart did the right thing. Thread closed.
This thread is closed to new posts.