ToA Bug? (in General)

Todd March 11 2005 3:58 PM EST

No sure if this is procedurally correct.

There may be a bug in the ToA in that is doesn't really count the dex in battles. It shows it in the display though.

Here's the original post

QBsutekh137 March 11 2005 4:19 PM EST

Sounds like I need to take some data for a Sunday discussion topic. I do not have a ToA but have high dexterity (75K), and against folks with base dexterity I will go from having three doubles in a battle (ranged) to having all singles the next. Looks like I need to take a bunch of data.

You want to do the same with the ToA so we can compare notes?

Blarg March 11 2005 5:51 PM EST

Well, my single tank uses a ToA for all its Str and dex, so i would probably notice if i missed every single time :P.
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