Looking for a Clan... can get 3k points a day (in General)

Mem March 11 2005 10:04 PM EST

I'm a former member of the now defunct Flaming Fist and would like to join up with an established clan who can promise a bonus. So CM me or post here or whatever. I'd like to join up with you asap.

Duke March 11 2005 10:14 PM EST

i can confirme that he a very good player.

Chargerz-Back March 11 2005 10:16 PM EST

if we were still involved in clan fighting a lot, id offer you a place at DoD. but we all have things going on and arn't fighting like we used to.

Mem March 12 2005 1:24 AM EST

If I don't get anyone interested in my services by Monday then I will start my own clan and will be looking for members at that time.

P.S. My character, Krang, is currently almost at 91k PR.

TheEverblacksky March 12 2005 9:43 AM EST

i know this is a small offer, but our clan members get about 1k cp's per day and we get bonuses of .8 to 8.0 before, i dno if we have room either.... just tell me if you're interested.

MoeDrippins March 12 2005 9:51 AM EST

What happened to Flaming_fist?

Mem March 12 2005 10:00 AM EST

Flaming Fist disbanded because most of the members could no longer devote their full time to it. Its hard to run a clan good if only two of six are trying, so Duke eltan (formerly Ryu) disbanded us. Oh well. Look for me in the Replacements now though. You'll find us at the top of the charts.

MoeDrippins March 12 2005 10:06 AM EST

Sorry to hear that; you guys were fun to fight. =) Don't worry though, we'll find you!

Duke March 12 2005 2:03 PM EST

You are welcome to try moe
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