Stick person puzzle adventure game (in Off-topic)

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] March 17 2005 10:44 PM EST

Fun little game. Still has me pretty stumped. Clickety

Nixon Jibfest March 17 2005 11:29 PM EST

gosh darn it. there goes my night of studying.

Cossadinha March 18 2005 12:22 AM EST

Im selling hints for 10k ! lol

Nixon Jibfest March 18 2005 12:31 AM EST

I took me a while to figure out the dog. That killed an hour of my time.

LumpBot March 18 2005 12:46 AM EST

Too much memory and not enjoyable enough to keep trying :-\ that or I suck at this game.

Adrian Exodus March 18 2005 2:53 AM EST

5 ba refreshes and way to many annoying mistakes (and nifty dead stickmen) besides the having to click something at just the right time...and not knowing to click. cool game,

there is also a game like it where you have to free a hot air ballon, i would post a link but the site that i know its on is not pg.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] March 18 2005 10:22 AM EST

Finished the level. Took me forever to figure out what the bombs in the launcher were for. :)

Todd March 18 2005 10:49 AM EST

Yet another site that is blocked by my work. (95% of the games listed when you run out of BA are blocked as well)

QBJohnnywas March 18 2005 10:55 AM EST

Blocked at my job too. The cheek of these companies stopping us in our quest to kill time between ba hits.... =)

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] March 19 2005 3:20 PM EST

maybe I am just dumb. I can get the guy after I ring the bell but he dies on the mine. I cannot figure out what to do with the explosives, or that lever thing. Also I can shoot the guy from the tank but I still cannot figure out what any of this is accomplishing, nor does it make sense. Feel free to post hints, I could really use them.

Nixon Jibfest March 19 2005 3:25 PM EST


Landmine solution = shooting guy out of canon, bell, and one of the rocks.

NotSuitablForChildren [Yeeeaahh.................] March 19 2005 4:18 PM EST

I suppose the game as a whole is lost on me. I either blow everyone up, or the bell or the guy that comes out of the door, or the wood plank, and I can't get any further than that. I can impale the guy on the lever spike etc, etc, etc... I personally don't mind spoilers if anyone wanted to post them, but I am not wasting any more time on it :p

[corrected]TheRealKiller March 19 2005 7:04 PM EST

i dont get the game but could you post the link to that site so i dont have to play it on the cb2 site

DizzyGuy March 19 2005 7:15 PM EST

right click and then "open in new window/tab"

DizzyGuy March 19 2005 7:25 PM EST

how do you get past the mine?

Nixon Jibfest March 19 2005 7:36 PM EST

Landmine hint:
Solution involves the bell, a rock, that seesaw arrow thing, and 1 guy.

DizzyGuy March 19 2005 7:39 PM EST

Oh... ok then, so I gues the only way to see-saw the rock is to blow up the bridge... I mean, how else am I supposed to get rid of the bombs...

Nightmare [NewNightmares] March 19 2005 8:49 PM EST

wow, that was a half hour of frustration.. the timing stuff was ridiculous, but it was fun :)

48Zach March 19 2005 9:01 PM EST

i cant figure it out!!!

Mechanical Dragon March 19 2005 9:46 PM EST

Hint: After knocking the log over, click on it. See what it does?

DizzyGuy March 19 2005 10:13 PM EST

man... my mind is either blown *wish is a big possibility from the last two school weeks* or I am just more ignorant than I thought.

Biscuitback March 21 2005 2:04 PM EST

this is a tough puzzle i have to say. it gives me a headache but i wanna beat

Spectre March 21 2005 4:58 PM EST

Whoo-hoo, I did it!

Adrian Exodus March 22 2005 8:41 AM EST

all-right i found a link for the balloon game.

it has 3 levels(4th coming soon?) hint for the first level: to completely free the balloon needs timing of 2 things.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 22 2005 8:48 AM EST

*Slight Spoilers*

There were two things that really stumped me with this. The see-saw and the grenades.

Both have to be timed with other actions.


Biscuitback March 31 2005 6:20 AM EST

i finally completed it...yay

Adrian Exodus March 31 2005 7:26 AM EST

10 days?

Biscuitback March 31 2005 7:49 AM EST

probably took me longer than 10 days

Davie March 31 2005 8:02 AM EST

i need help!! Can you move the guy? If you can my browser wont lemme. What do I gotta do?

Biscuitback March 31 2005 8:17 AM EST

no you can't really move the guy. just start clicking on items and stuff to figure out what they can do.

but i do have a question. why is there 2 grenades? is there just an extra one? what's with the light bulb, is it just there?

Adrian Exodus March 31 2005 10:41 AM EST

they way i solve the puzzle i dont even use the nades i just explode them in the air, and the light bulb seems to have no use but to annoy the stick figure guy till he breaks it.
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