Sentinels of Valinor needs a new member (in General)

AdminShade March 24 2005 2:21 PM EST

and it could be you :)

we have a decent amount of space to spare and alas one of our members left to have a break from CB.

put your pr/amount of battles fought per day (rough estimate) and why you want to join us in here.

bartjan March 24 2005 3:08 PM EST

Power Rating: 141,630
See my current single player clan for an idea of how much clan points/day. I think it's about 1300 gross, 800 net (yes, I do get farmed...)

Duke March 24 2005 3:12 PM EST

Since when you are the owner of SoV.

bartjan March 24 2005 3:16 PM EST

Since when does a clan need to be ruled by a dictator?

BrandonLP March 24 2005 4:55 PM EST

Since when have questions been asked without question marks?

I finally see March 24 2005 5:07 PM EST

Since when does said dictator need to do the recruitment posting?

GnuUzir March 24 2005 5:13 PM EST

I just wanted to continue the streak of posts ending in question marks?

Mythology March 24 2005 5:14 PM EST

are you guys talking about me?

Undertow March 24 2005 5:16 PM EST

Wouldn't getting our training clan started have solved this problem???

BrandonLP March 24 2005 5:37 PM EST

What are we still yelling about?

Undertow March 24 2005 5:38 PM EST

I believe someone questioned Shades Authority?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 24 2005 6:00 PM EST

Duke I made a post recruiting for Elven Blood, am I suddenly the leader?

Duke March 24 2005 9:51 PM EST

Myth was the owner last time i check.I just wondering what happen.

BrandonLP March 24 2005 9:56 PM EST

Then check with Shade or Myth.

LumpBot March 24 2005 10:01 PM EST

Sounds like a duel to the death to me =D
Myth vs. Shade...the legendary war.

{CB1}Lukeyman March 24 2005 10:03 PM EST

Myth stepped down and let shade own. It's been foretold!

Anubis March 24 2005 10:39 PM EST

Hi Shade, I'd like to join you.
I'm having my first real go at working for a Clan and pull in 2300 points/day without buying BA.

PR 122K
700 to 900 BA/day

I've just rejoined Metal Gear Solid (my very first clan) but the leader is away for a week so not much happening. I'm itching to boost a good clan so this would be great.


AdminShade March 25 2005 1:12 PM EST

just to be clear:

1: I have been 'owner' of SoV for a few weeks now but i don't own but only am the leader to accept people. we run a democracy

2: Mythology isn't a dictator if someone thinks bartjan meant that

3: i am in no fight with myth whatsoever

4: bartjan has been accepted as a new member by all the SoV members.

5: this post has been closed.
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