Strategy observation (in General)

QBJohnnywas March 24 2005 7:15 PM EST

Ok, it's late in London, I've been in the pub with the other half and some friends and I'm ashamed to say I've gotten home and thought about the game. Sad? Maybe!

My little observation? This: there's been a lot of forum talk about the worth of tanks in CB2. Todd in particular has commented on how difficult he is finding it to maintain a tank team. The obvious problems are these - the huge cost of making your weapons worth their while and the amount of massive DD spells and ToJ's about. Meanwhile I'm sitting here quietly looking through the stats and realising that my little EC which casts for only a 9303 effect is the fifteenth highest EC in the game. 15th. Some people may not realise quite how important that is for tank based strats.

I cast my EC. You have a single tank around 100k pr. 30k hp, 30k st, 30k dx. You only lose 9303 st/dx. That's not actually a major loss. And my EC is one of the biggest in the game. CB2 has been so centred around mage strats that most people aren't prepared to take out tank strats. So I say to those people who want to go Tank, do it. With the rise in CoC, endurance tattoos and the continued usefulness of the ToJ, melee is becoming the arena that will matter. Therefore a good basic tank will matter here, just like it mattered in CB1. And also, with the introduction of an item like the Mage Shield, you can now have a tank that is only trained in the basic stats, HP/ST/DX. Because of the he will be stronger, and yet, defensive against DD spells in a way he could never be before.

Time to invest in those weapons boys and girls. Now the weather is getting warmer it's time for the Tank.

And now I think, it's time for bed! =)

Alienfb March 25 2005 12:42 PM EST

Johnny shush, i was hoping no-one would notice...

Chargerz-Back March 25 2005 12:49 PM EST

shhh.... don't tell anyone. i wanted a head start along with the other early going tank people.

QBJohnnywas March 25 2005 1:08 PM EST

nobody's noticed... quick sharpen those swords...=)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 25 2005 3:53 PM EST


It's a trade off. An item that in the begiining will be equivalent to to 40% AMF, which will lessen as your PR grows.

Or a ToA, so you can beat all the other ToA uber tanks.

Why not just start 2 minion team, ET, with the E training AMF. A MgS that never loses it's usefulness! ;)

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