Tattoo artist now taking orders (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 3:36 PM EST

Under Businesses. (Refresh the sidebar if you don't see it.)

Minor related changed: Black Market moved to Community menu.

Advance warning: the amount of experience lost to the tattoo artist will go up in May.

BrandonLP March 25 2005 3:38 PM EST

/me bows.

Mythology March 25 2005 3:39 PM EST

Not sure about the costing, but any chance of a stats page of what's been changed to what?

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 3:40 PM EST


You're welcome to take a screenshot of meta-stats. :)

QBRanger March 25 2005 3:41 PM EST

Me and My 247k NEW TOA thank you.
Now large TOJ's have meaning

Mythology March 25 2005 3:41 PM EST

okay :p
and if the tattoo is named?

Relic March 25 2005 3:43 PM EST

Cool change, it will be interesting to see how it plays out, and which Tattoo's are favored.

LumpBot March 25 2005 3:45 PM EST

I guess now the ToA and ToE in auctions are gonna go cheaper. High level Jigs will go up in price.

Cylo March 25 2005 3:51 PM EST

This is one of those I will just sit back and scratch my head with wonder. I have never complained about a change, and won't on this one. I do have a hard time understanding how this is good though. Right now ToE and ToA were the best 2 tattoo's that people wanted. But now all tattoo's will be of equal value. None being worth more than another because all you have to do is change it. Now if your intent was to make all tattoo's have equal value in terms of sales then this is a great change, but you usually have items that people want more than others and it makes for a supply and demand aspect. This has taken that away really.

I think maybe there should be another change then and this would really make sense. <this is not a real suggestion> Make all tats that spawn just a Tattoo and when you buy it you pick which kind it is. Because in a sense that's what you are doing. If someone were to get a ToF or a ToS in the store it probably will not stay that tattoo for long.

Oh if people think this is complaining. It isn't. I have the tattoo's I want. I do dislike that I'm working hard to upgrade mine by fighting and now anyone with a high ToJ can now have a much higher ToE without so much as a worry. But it's ok. I'll still catch up.


Becoming March 25 2005 3:51 PM EST

Good thing I just bought one of those base ToE's for 1.2m when I could have changed my 1.5k ToJ for 1/6th of the price... lol

QBRanger March 25 2005 3:55 PM EST

I agree Becoming. I bought my base toa for 1.5 million, now its worthless since so many TOJ's are above that. Even though its 84k now

Skunk March 25 2005 3:55 PM EST

I love the change :)
But I think I'll keep my ToJ a ToJ.

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 3:55 PM EST

Becoming: if you paid attention to polls you'd know this was a possibility...

Cylo: correct; tattoos are sort of a cross between minions and items and in this case CB is moving towards the minion-ish aspect.

Cylo March 25 2005 3:57 PM EST

Thanks for the answer Jon. With that answer I'm not near as upset as I was getting. I figured there was a logical reason. I just couldn't think of it.

Becoming March 25 2005 4:02 PM EST

Jonathan, I did pay attention.

I wasn't complaining, I was laughing at myself.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 25 2005 4:02 PM EST


While I thought I had a good chance of catching NK's old ToE.

But I'm never catching this;

level 338,520

Makes me regret naming my ToE, when I should have just traded for a large Jig...

QBRanger March 25 2005 4:07 PM EST


I finally got your hints. I kept my large TOJ just for this possiblity. Thanks for making the game very interesting.

Descent March 25 2005 4:19 PM EST

So, in essence, all base tattoos now have an approximate maximum value of $200k. I fail to see how anybody could succeed in selling for more than that.

Anubis March 25 2005 4:21 PM EST

hehe top change

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 4:24 PM EST

Descent: the artist doesn't let you create a tattoo from nothing, so I think your reasoning is flawed.

Evil March 25 2005 4:35 PM EST

First off let me apologize for making that post in general Jonathan. Now to start off with my ranting and raving. I will probably be ridiculed or be portrayed as an idiot for this post, but I must say as I feel. I have not disagreed or complained about any of Jon's decisions, until now. The tattoo artist is evil. Yes I also find it ironic calling something evil when I myself am Evil, but that is besides the point. I just hate how the rarer items have all of a sudden become "easy to get". Yes this change hurts me a bunch, but I would think this way even if it did not. This is a just a way for people that are weaker to get the type of tattoo they want for extremely cheap since the price of tattoos is sure to decline. For a tiny 200,000 cb2 a once very easily bought item , TJK, can be changed into one of the most valuable items, TOE or TOA. If we shall do this, why not a cloak changer to even things out? I mean, I'd love to be able to change my normal cloak into a Cloak of Balrog Flame. Why stop there, we could have a glove changer. Make my leather gloves into Elven perhaps? It may be just me, but I find this idea very horrible, as stated before. This change has made my liking of Carnage Blender 2 decline a plethora. With more changes such as this, my days here may be over. Sorry if I am ranting and raving, or if I offend anyone by this post. I'd like to see some of the communities responses, so feel free to join in if you would like.

My apologies also for any bad spelling or language I may have used. I was angered when I saw the changelog and typed whatever words I saw in my head.

Eternal March 25 2005 4:47 PM EST

I sure got burned. Luckily I spent four million to pick up the (then) second largest ToE in the game.

I'm glad all the effort I've put into my strategy means very little, and others can now move into mine (and one-up mine) very easily. I suppose the lesson learned here is to follow the trends of the game, as that is sometimes how decisions are made.

Mags March 25 2005 4:49 PM EST

I have to agree. I don't like this feature.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] March 25 2005 4:55 PM EST

cool feature, question though: would it be possible to add in next to the tattoo you are changing to what the level would end up as after the 5% decrease?

Tenchi Muyo March 25 2005 4:55 PM EST

I'm not all that happy about the change, mainly because I just traded a 91k named ToA for two tattoos and some EGs for a strat change from ToA to ToE. Oh well though, I think this change can be useful.

Now when you want to change strategies, your current tattoo won't be a huge obstacle. Not good at first (really screwed over pricing), but eventually I think everyone will enjoy it.

Mags March 25 2005 5:00 PM EST

I can see where you're coming from Kaiousama, but trading of tattoos as a commodity or items is gone. You can't just go to the store to turn your MCM into a Combat Gi or something similar, which is good. You trade. Not everyone can have a CoBF, but now whichever tattoo you want is fairly readily and cheaply available.

Strategies are built around items and vice versa; when they change, you trade for new items, and that helps the economy and community. This eliminates that basic nature from the most profoundly powerful items in the game.

Tenchi Muyo March 25 2005 5:09 PM EST

I know that trading of tattoos is now basically going to be gone. I'm happy about that. I think the next step is just some early warning before a change that a tattoo cannot be unequipped at all. Finish the process.

- They started easy to trade, easy to rent, etc.
- They became harder to trade (shrunk when unequipped) and impossible to rent.
- Now they can be changed reducing the reasons to bother trading, with a slight penalty (just like having a laser removal and then a touch up).

I think it's just a matter of time before we see a changelog warning us of the time where tattoos are much more like tattoos: Impossible to take off.

Relic March 25 2005 5:12 PM EST

This really nerfed the ToE and ToA, but at the same time raised the Value of any Tattoo. So, the ToJ which had all but become worthless, is now a hot commodity. I think you will see a base price develop for any non-lesser tattoo based on NW and level. That will introduce some stability in the market and yet allow ebb and flow of strat changes. I love the change personally because I have 5 or 6 ToJ that are various levels but not being used. Now I can barter with them, or adjust my strat and use them going forward. Nice change.

QBJohnnywas March 25 2005 5:17 PM EST

I think the now HUGE ToE's will see more nerfing following this...

And if tattoos become even more permanent a lot of people won't be able to use the new power shields either...

Shame we can't go lesser to full though. Still that would mean getting rid of lessers altogether.

Interesting change. Glad I didn't sell my ToJ now!

trigun March 25 2005 5:18 PM EST

dont give him any more ideas..hehe ^_^

QBJohnnywas March 25 2005 5:29 PM EST

BTW, just a quick question that I don't seem to see an answer to - when you change a tattoo is it a permanent change or can you just pay out another 200k and change it again at a later date?

Blarg March 25 2005 5:37 PM EST

I'm surprised the XP lost % is so low ;). Good thing it is going up in may.

Anubis March 25 2005 6:20 PM EST

I've converted from ToJ to ToE but when I fight I still have a familiar being hit.
Looks like it changed in name only!

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 6:25 PM EST

I'll fix it for future changes but training will take care of it.

Relic March 25 2005 6:28 PM EST

So, if you change a ToJ to something else, can you change it back? Or is it a one time only thing? Also, if you change from a ToJ to ToE, can you change it to a ToA later? Just a few questions of clarification.

AdminJonathan March 25 2005 6:33 PM EST

It's really simple: once you change tattoo A to tattoo B, it's the same as if it had been tattoo B all its life.

The tattoo artist page answers your other question.

QBsutekh137 March 25 2005 6:35 PM EST

Glory, you can change a ToJ to something else, but cannot change anything to a "supporter item" tattoo, which means ToJ. So in your example, you could NOT change it back, but you can change a ToE to a ToA (and vice versa) as many times as you wish.

Relic March 25 2005 6:52 PM EST

Thanks for the answers.

colonel [penny pincher] March 25 2005 7:21 PM EST

The tattoo artist has this note:

(The artist cannot change a spawnable tattoo into a Supporter item.)

This seems to leave room in translation for the possibility that a Supporter item may be able to be changed into another Supporter item. Granted, at this time there is only only tattoo which is a Supporter item. But I wonder if there will be other Supporter items which are tattoos and if TJK's will be able to be turned into them or if this statement may be changed at such time (or if TJK's will be spawnable at such a time, or if I'm just reading to much into this statement).

Mythology March 25 2005 7:42 PM EST

so anyway, back to my question, if the tattoo is named....?

QBsutekh137 March 25 2005 7:44 PM EST

Myth, it stays named. Nardo Polo's tattoo is now a ToE, but it still has the name. I am not really sure of your question...?

Mythology March 25 2005 7:47 PM EST

How can you answer the question and then not know what it is? Thank you for answering, next time just leave it there :p

House March 25 2005 8:12 PM EST

tats are a mute point now...THIS SUCKS ..all the talk about the economics of the game....this surely doesn't help...a (rare) tat doesn't exist..not that it really did in the first place, but some where harder to come by than others..

NSFY March 25 2005 8:19 PM EST

ack MOOT!

WeaponX March 25 2005 8:22 PM EST

i think thats the point BD

QBRanger March 25 2005 8:24 PM EST

To everyone who did not see this coming: Next time look for the clues. It really was not that hard. Jon put a poll out. More than 50% voted in favor of it. More than likely something like it was going to occur.

Cylo March 25 2005 8:47 PM EST

wrong ranger.. in CB1 there were plenty of times that a poll was brought up and alot if not most of the players wanted it and it didn't happen. Or in probably a case or 2 the opposite happened. If need be i will look back thru all the polls to get examples. The point is Jon did this because he believed that it was good for the game. Period. I have learned by now that it doesn't matter if people like it or not or if people threaten to leave the game. Jon does what he believes to be best for the game.

So after rambling on. The hints or signs really don't tell for sure if something is going to happen or not.. What shows it happening is when Jon does it. Oh and at any point if it gets out of hand. It can change again

You got to love CB!

Peter at home March 25 2005 9:34 PM EST

Cylo, I have to disagree on this with you. The game is evolving and Jon is listening to the players... the difference between the CB1 (or the past) between now is that some of the post to which you refer, the decision by Jon was made before the poll showed up... if the poll was in favor of something which was not reasonable or ridiculous, Jon didn't made the change... and also if there was a reason to make a change, no matter if there was a poll or not, Jon made the change.

Now I think the situation is different... As I see it, Jon has many things planned what he wants to implement (things we don't even have a chance what they will be)... the poll is to get a feedback... if many people will dislike a feature, Jon will not implement it, he has other features to implement...

My advice, anticipate the change.

And Jon, CB is a great game and CB2 has a whole different level then CB1.


AdminJonathan March 25 2005 9:59 PM EST

I don't recall making any polls where I'd made up my mind in advance... I don't make polls just to taunt people. :)

However I didn't make all the polls in cb1...

Xenko March 25 2005 10:15 PM EST

There are currently 671 ToJ's in the game. Now, if a bunch of people change them to ToE/ToA's, eventually their number will drop and they may become quite valuable as there is no way to spawn any more. Every ToJ that is inked is gone for good... so how low will that 671 drop to? :)

Mags March 25 2005 10:18 PM EST

<-- leaving his a ToJ for precisely that reason, but shhh!

It's still painful that the rarity of all tattoos is now equivalent *except* the ToJ... go figure. Oh well, progress marches on...

sasquatchan March 25 2005 10:50 PM EST

The only thing that bugs me on this is that the folks who make out big time from this are those who rented the snot out of their TJKs back when it was profitable to do so (and even when it wasn't profitable). Someone else did all the work of raising the tattoo's level, and in the end he who cashes in isn't he who did the work. (cf all the TJKs that are now ToEs).

So folks who use a feature (abused ?) enough to have that right taken away (after semi-drastic/severe measures didn't put a stop to it -- loan fees jacked, rental fees jacked, finally rentals stopped, sounds severe to me) still come away fat and happy with little to no cost. Have their cake and eat it too. Meh.

(note I voted against the artist in the poll, and paid big bucks a few weeks ago for the ToE, and am happy to have it. Unsure what I'll do with my ToJ, but not converting it now, as much as I'd like to see what a ToA would do..)

chernobyl March 25 2005 11:15 PM EST

It's funny.. I voted for the artist, and I doubt I'll ever use him now that I have all the tat's I want right now. Irony, how you taunt me...

Cylo March 25 2005 11:35 PM EST

i didn't mean you made up your mind in advance.. i didn't mean it that way.. i just know that sometimes there were polls that people thought one way but the actual change went a different way.. i may be mistaken.. and also.. they may have been started by other people..

but i never meant that post to imply that you had your mind set before a poll but did it just to taunt.. if that is how it sounded i do appologize.

QBRanger March 25 2005 11:40 PM EST


Personally i had no problem with your post and Peter did not either.

I did not play CB1 for very long, only 1.5 months.

But, from the hints Jon has placed around, and the Poll he put up, it should have been obvious to someone who thought about it what may happen.

That was my point.

I was holding on to my high TOJ just because of it. Thats all I meant. The signs/clues/tarrot cards, etal, were there. Just needed to look for them.

Evil March 26 2005 12:43 AM EST

/me still doesn't like this... *grumbles*

AdminJonathan March 26 2005 12:58 AM EST

Cylo, I was responding to Peter's "the decision by Jon was made before the poll showed up"

Peter at home March 26 2005 4:08 AM EST

Sorry, Jon. I made a wrong assumption. Of course there were polls you didn't wrote. I just wanted to say you knew things which you want to implement and if someone else created a poll about it and the opinion of people was sometimes different then the change.

I wanted to make a point that the game evolved to a state where you can see things coming (the changes).

Reebok March 26 2005 6:30 PM EST

Wow, working hard to wipe out ToJ's! I'm going to keep mine out of spite.


Synco March 26 2005 7:01 PM EST

I was just wondering, not that this will ever happen but...

What happened if everyone turned their ToJs into another tattoo?
There would be no more ToJs in the game...
Would Jon make the tattoo artist be able to turn tattoos into ToJs?

Anyway, I was just wondering out of curiosity. I know this would never happen...


Khardin March 27 2005 12:57 AM EST

I'd say that'd make it evident no one wanted a ToJ so there wouldn't be much reason to bring them back..

merely my hypothetical opinion to the hypothetical situation..

Bull3t F4c3 March 28 2005 3:39 AM EST

no wonder why no one bid..on that 1.2 mil toa..stupid stupid me

Steve G March 28 2005 7:57 AM EST

other tattoos can still be changed to a ToJ can they not? whats the fuss

Warchild March 28 2005 8:08 AM EST

Steve this is on the tattoo artist page

(The artist cannot change a spawnable tattoo into a Supporter item.)

so tattoos can NOT be changed to ToJ (unless, as someone else pointed out, there is another tattoo as a supporter item in the future)

btw the word spawnable (that i copied from the TA page) is not in the spell check...odd

Todd March 28 2005 12:07 PM EST

At least this will speed up the nerfing of the ToE's

Arorrr March 28 2005 12:35 PM EST

LOL @ Todd... refreshing thought
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