Interesting little thing (in General)

[From CB1]Tequito March 27 2005 4:28 AM EST

This is a little pointless, but I found this out today. If you're not in a room but you chat is open, (as in, you've been kicked) and the operation times out, it reconnects you in to the room null. :p I know most people will find that dumb and not post-worthy, but I'd like to share it with people like me who like to know dumb stuff.

Maelstrom March 27 2005 2:36 PM EST

So you ended up being a chat-op for the room 'null'? Is it listed when a person joins chat? Can a person /join null? Can you /kick a person from null?

What would happen if a person was kicked from one room, the operation timed out, and they woke up in 'null', but you decided to /kill them, and again the operation timed out? They couldn't get back into 'null', so would they be trapped in chat limbo?

A pointless and very improbable situation, but an interesting philosophical question.

[From CB1]Tequito March 27 2005 2:59 PM EST

LOL, you can join null, it's just a room name. I'm guess it'd say error joining chat if it timed out when you were /killed, just like if you try to join a room when your time out isn't up. And I'm only on an op on here cause I was origanally an op in cb1 before cb2 came out. now I only use it to kick myself out of chat while I'm here, cause I op on cb1 still.

I think that answers all of the questions. :p

Undertow March 27 2005 3:12 PM EST

Too much free time?

Yes, yes I think so...

QBsutekh137 March 27 2005 3:21 PM EST

I believe a shadow of you is actually still in the original room. I was once trapped in the limbo state that Tequito describes, and I believe someone had to kick my 'shadow' from the other room before I could leave my 'null' status.

It was then that I slipped into a coma and didn't wake up for several days. Just say 'NO' to null, kids!

Reebok March 28 2005 5:48 PM EST

Lol, right now I'm the chat op of null.

AdminShade March 28 2005 5:55 PM EST

being kicked means joining room null. :)

Reebok March 28 2005 5:56 PM EST

Just noticed people keep dropping in to null now. Everyone should come, it's a party!

NSFY March 28 2005 7:41 PM EST

big whoop - I'm the mayor of simpleton
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