Attention Admin!!!!! (in Public Record)

Gothicknight March 28 2005 6:03 PM EST

It would appear that i have been ripped off, I loaned conception
money and he agreed to pay me back. there was no specific p/p
though he has not sent a payment in over 1 week or more, I have tried
to contact him by chatmail and i have had no response also i have tried to
PM him in chat and he has ran. He has had the money to pay me off though he choose to sell it off to others, now it would seem that he no longer uses
conception as much as he used to, I want something done about him
breaking this agreement. also i believe conception and evolution are a multi as there has been odd transfers from conception to evolution,
Both pictures on the bank chars on the two accounts are the same. Also
the minions on the two account did have the same set up.

[TBT]Conception (The Protector) [ToD]Evolution (Kenleno) A Pair of Leather Boots ($134414) March 23 2005 7:47 PM EST

[TBT]Conception (The Protector) [ToD]Evolution (Kenleno) A Hard Leather Cap ($196127) March 23 2005 7:47 PM EST

[ToD]Evolution (Kenleno) [TBT]Conception (The Protector) $3000 March 23 2005 7:32 PM EST

[TBT]Conception (The Protector) [ToD]Evolution (Kenleno) A Pair of Leather Gloves ($74554) -- for 20 USD March 23 2005 7:27 PM EST

[TBT]Conception (The Protector) [ToD]Evolution (Kenleno) A Tattoo of Endurance ($31030) March 23 2005 7:26 PM EST

Undertow March 28 2005 6:05 PM EST

you know they won't get you your money back, just reset him. You lose man.

48Zach March 28 2005 6:05 PM EST

They also have the same IP addresses , also , i think a full admin should send conception a CM to say that if he doesnt pay back AJ666 , then he will be reset and so on. sorry AJ666

AdminShade March 28 2005 6:05 PM EST

there could still be hope, maybe

Concepter March 28 2005 6:47 PM EST

I am truly sorry I haven't given you a payment in quite abit of time. Evolution is my younger brother and I sold him those things for 20 bucks (he paid transfer for items). I haven't given you a payment in a while is because I needed to fix my strat. Now I have everything I need so I can go back to paying you. I am sorry about all of this please forgive me.

AdminShade March 29 2005 7:38 AM EST

you should pay back debts before you go adjusting your strategy, you could be in for a fine or additional payment to AJ666

Mythology March 29 2005 8:06 AM EST

Well not really Shade, as he said, there was no specific p/p.

AdminShade March 29 2005 9:28 AM EST

but not letting someone see that you are willing to pay back is not a good thing to do.
It makes people think you don't pay up at all and gives yourself a bad (or less good) name.

Mythology March 29 2005 10:03 AM EST

Erm? Yeah, Im not saying its a good thing what he did.... Im saying you cant fine him (or shouldnt) as he didnt break any of the rules or terms of a contract.
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