UC modification (in Changelog)

AdminJonathan March 30 2005 1:02 AM EST

UC still gives an evasion-like bonus of 1/3 of the (pre-item bonus) UC level during melee, but during ranged it is now almost twice that.

TJK no longer trains extra evasion.

BrandonLP March 30 2005 1:03 AM EST

Nice boost. Might make UC mins more viable now. Good change, Jon.

[Banned]Monty March 30 2005 1:04 AM EST

lol always teh first :P good change....I guess?

BrandonLP March 30 2005 1:06 AM EST

Well, Monty, the change to the ToJ is probably the bigger part of this change, however, with that much evasion in ranged, it might save you against people with monster +'s on their bows.

DizzyGuy March 30 2005 1:08 AM EST

<3 for Jon =)

Mags March 30 2005 1:18 AM EST

The first part of this change is nice. It's not a huge deal because ranged physical damage really, really isn't a problem(MM is, and to a lesser degree FB), but it's nice.

The second part of the change is bigger to me because it uncouples UC from TJK's, allowing it to be separately tweaked into a viable skill that's worth the experience that would've gone towards physical stats. That, and now I can kill those little suckers.

Brock Samson and I kiss your boots.

Reebok March 30 2005 3:14 AM EST

Yet another reason to change my ToJ to a ToE...

spite, spite, spite!

Sevare March 30 2005 3:18 AM EST

This is probably a really stupid question, but its after midnight and im allowed one :P it no longer trains extra evasion, do they keep what they already have? the experience "untrained" and divided among its remaining skills or did that exp completely dissapear?

Frod March 30 2005 1:16 PM EST

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but evasion doesn't help against DD, which continues to give UC tanks heartburn (pun intended).

BrandonLP March 30 2005 1:18 PM EST

Very true, Frod, but this might potentially help UC minions still stay competitive.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2005 1:31 PM EST

If using a Gi and HG, a UC minion can use a MgS as long as they are prepared to take the -5 UC penalty.

Myonax March 30 2005 1:52 PM EST

If I read this right, I don't think the Jiggy tattoos lost any power with this change. Since before they trained evasion and UC, now they just train UC, but UC gets about the same amount of evasion they had before. I assume the extra Exp went back into other skills,the evasion skill Jiggy tattoos trained could have been like health on DD tattoos and completely bonus.

So I guess I don't see the nerf.

Tribute March 30 2005 4:20 PM EST

No more ToJ evasion?! That explains a lot of my recent losses. Oh well, UC deserves the improvement.

Mythology March 31 2005 7:46 PM EST

Yeah, but the ToJ will still get the evasion from the UC it trains, so Jig still has evasion.... right?

BrandonLP March 31 2005 8:01 PM EST

I believe that's true, Myth, considering Jon's post says "no longer trains EXTRA evasion."

Starseed^Lure April 1 2005 12:28 AM EST

Jon, please help me understand what you meant by "extra evasion", because I never knew that my tattoo was training anything "extra".

Thanks :D

[FireBreathing]Chicken April 1 2005 1:04 AM EST

Before, ToJ somehow trained both the UC and evasion skills. I'm guessing Jon removed the 'extra' evasion skill, leaving the jig left with just the UC skill.

SaucyJack [Forge Masters] April 3 2005 12:07 AM EST

Love this change.

AdminShade April 4 2005 2:02 PM EDT

indeed a ToJ still gets evasion from UC but no longer trains Evasion itself.

but Jonathan please also correct this in item metastats :D
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