opponent screener - new idea to help effective combat (in General)

elegysix April 1 2005 12:19 AM EST

I think that Cb2 could really be improved if the opponent system adopted something like a version of yahoo's stock screener.

I think it would help to have options like

show no clan members
show only clan members
minimum Pr ___ Max Pr_____
Min Score ___ Max score____
# of minions ___
NW min ___ NW max ___
ST min and max
Filter out chars with spells
Filter out chars with no spells
and as many more as you could think of...

Perhaps this already exists and I just don't know about it, but it would make for much more effective use of BA. Theres no need to throw out the old system though, just make a little link next to search by user or something. I think this would be a wonderful tool to have. What do you think?

Sevare April 1 2005 12:24 AM EST

I could see the answer to this being no....a very big no...but you never know

Chargerz-Back April 1 2005 12:27 AM EST

^ ^ he sounds like David Spade on those Capital One commercials lol

QBsutekh137 April 1 2005 12:44 AM EST

Elegy, I feel the burn, I really do... But some aspects of the game have to be...you know...involved.

I once saw a joke pic of a Nintendo controller with a single, large, red button "MAKE ME WIN". Do we really want that here?

The administration isn't that difficult. Take it from a guy who had the Most Battles Challenged until he decided to get some much-needed rest -- it's worth the effort. Jonathan has already given many tools (some of which already cover what is on your list if you are a supporter).
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