strat? (in General)

Unappreciated Misnomer April 1 2005 11:39 PM EST

im looking to set up a 4 tank team, i was wonder what set p i should take as a start? and you dont even have to mention NW is the back bone of this set up, i already know that.

[EG] Almuric April 1 2005 11:49 PM EST

I don't think a 4-tank team is viable in CB2. One reason: Dispel Magic. You have to cast AS, Haste, and GS since learning HP, DX, and ST on each minion would make you terribly weak. Since you're spreading those spells across 4-minions your diluted enchantments would be easily countered by DM.

If you put a ToA on the last one, maybe you could have 3 weak tanks and one OK tank, although you'd still have a hard time getting HP on him. I don't know what you'd do with a team like that. You could try just ignoring chars with DM. That works OK on offense with the favorites list. But you'd be a sitting duck to some chars way below you, I think.

Just my opinion. Yeah, I'm not being helpful but some days are like that.

Unappreciated Misnomer April 2 2005 2:02 AM EST

but if i concentrated on hp/st/dex & archery at first would do much you say? has anyone pulled off this strat yet?

Blarg April 2 2005 1:08 PM EST

because of DM, it would not be a good strategy. The only way 4 tanks used to be able to get competative HP/STR/DX with other tanks is by using haste, giant strength, and ablative sheild. With dispel magic, it would not work.

QBRanger April 2 2005 1:14 PM EST

Aside for the stat/skill problems, a 4 tank team is quite expensive to equip properly.

Starseed^Lure April 3 2005 12:32 PM EDT

4 tank strats are pretty much impossible to pull off 'successfully'. DM will waste them every time; you'd have a hard time pulling your score above your PR (which isn't the end of the world I realize). I had a hobby group on CB1 that was a 4 tank group and it was kinda fun. I used UC because I didn't want to spend any money on it.

In CB2 I can't say that I put a single point into Haste or Giant Strength - they both seem like a complete waste in CB2.

Sedecim April 3 2005 12:59 PM EDT

At least below the top 4t with only enchantments IS a fairly viable option. DM really isn't that much of a problem since you get to pick your own fights and as long you aren't near the top you really aren't that much of a target. If you were to use a ToJ, your familiar gets buffed allot for free and will be a very good melee fighter. The main drawback however is that it is expensive buying ammo for four minions. You really can't save money for decent equipment. If your willing to spend USD on the game this might be a good midlevel tactic.

As for high level... I don't really know...
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