EC and negative Strength (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 7 2005 5:00 AM EDT

I thought reducing strength to (and past) zero lowered damage to zero as well.

I just fought a character who lowered my strength to -10,221 with EC and when I did hit (dex was negative as well, so it must have been my pth working) I hit for a small amount of damage.

Talhearn carved into Peanut Of Damnation with A Set of Knuckle Dusters [101]
Talhearn draws strength from his weapon! [20]

Talhearn decapitated Peanut Of Damnation with A Set of Knuckle Dusters [101]
Talhearn draws strength from his weapon! [13]

Talhearn lacerated Tiddles The Green Poodle with A Set of Knuckle Dusters [123]

Granted, that's not a lot of damage, but at least I'm still doing some.

So unlike AMF (when you reach 1.00, you take no damage) EC can't stop you taking all damage...

AdminShade April 7 2005 5:11 AM EDT

thats why ST can't really go below 20. if EC lowers your ST into the negative it will be treated like a base ST

try the same weapons on a 20 ST minion against the same opponent, it should hit for the same damage IF that minion hits at all.

bartjan April 7 2005 5:12 AM EDT

There is no negative strength. OK, it gets displayed as such, but it is treated as either 0 or 1 (forgot which one, but does that really matter? ;)

I think it's safe to say that EC can block virtually all damage. If an opponent hits you for 20 damage in 25 rounds, then only 500 HP is more than enough to block it, or 20 AC.

QBJohnnywas April 7 2005 5:13 AM EDT

Isn't the damage a weapon does dependent on NW of the weapon as well as your ST? So you've paid to 'sharpen' your sword for instance it will still cut your opponent, even if that cut is only comparable to a paper-cut (more painful than anything else but completely non-life threatening).

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 7 2005 7:12 AM EDT

I though Stats could be lowered to zero (but negative was treated as zero) otherwise, what's the point of minuses on stat's of 20? Why show 19's or below?

I thought at zero strength you could do no damage at all (it makes sense, as you can't move your weapon, and no opponent is going to fall on it themselves! ;P )

So it's the weapons NW side of things that's doing the damage. That's good to know! But it just means EC is that little but more useless... Get some Enchanter, and get rich players to stick high NW weapons on them for extra non EC reduceable damage...

I know it's a miniscule amount, but it would put paid to base hp enchanters... And who knows how much you can pump it to if you're willing to spend the cash.

EC, the red haired step child of the EO spells! ;P

Sacredpeanut April 7 2005 7:24 AM EDT

I agree, this is actually a major problem for my EEEE team which has virtually no HP and relies totally on reducing opposing tanks damage to 0 through EC.
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