Getting Married (in Off-topic)

House April 8 2005 12:32 AM EDT

For those who care and those who feel the need to away:)

on Saturday April (th I am marring the most amazing woman on the planet.

My best friend, my soul mate.

IN your in Lake Havasu, stop by and have a beer :)
If you happen into a pub or other fine establishment, hoist one for US.

Thanks to everyone for making this game so darn addictive :)

Black Dog and his bride to be Strawberry Shortcake
(she is 5'4" wit RED hair )

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 8 2005 12:34 AM EDT


Blarg April 8 2005 12:34 AM EDT

well, great for your wedding :). But on a side note, this should really be in off-topic.

SBW April 8 2005 12:34 AM EDT


Blarg April 8 2005 12:44 AM EDT

ignore me, apparently it was moved as I made my post :). Congrats again.

Mags April 8 2005 12:45 AM EDT

Congratulations!! May it not happen to me for another ten years, but I can still be happy for others locked in matrimony! :D

InebriatedArsonist April 8 2005 12:47 AM EDT

Redhead, eh? Nice catch.

[CB1]Deadlight April 8 2005 12:48 AM EDT

congrats! May it be long and prosperous!

{CB1}[umk]Fangs April 8 2005 12:50 AM EDT

congrats to you! :)

Ascent April 8 2005 1:20 AM EDT

Congratulations -- I've been married almost 4 years, and as long as you find the right one, it's awesome beyond belief. :)

{CB1ate}aupStar April 8 2005 1:33 AM EDT

wow your getting married!! xD congrats man!! may you live happily forever and always with the woman of your dreams...=)

Eternal April 8 2005 2:09 AM EDT


DizzyGuy April 8 2005 2:12 AM EDT

congrats =)

QBJohnnywas April 8 2005 2:21 AM EDT

Best decision I ever made to marry my wife - Have the greatest day!

Cheers! =)

Mistress Reyna April 8 2005 3:00 AM EDT

okay remember... things not to do!

don't show up drunk
remember not to emphisise the " honor and to serve" we will use it agianst you
if you look away, at any point during the vows she's getting drunk and the afterwedding ain't happening
finaly whatever you do do no mess up her name when you say " i so and so take so and so to be my lawfully wedded wife"

have fun good luck and 3 feet of trip wire awaits you if you try to run.. theres a reason her brother is back near the door

{cb1}Linguala April 8 2005 4:34 AM EDT

lol reyna
congrats black dog, you're one something of a lucky guy.

AdminShade April 8 2005 4:40 AM EDT


[FireBreathing]Chicken April 8 2005 5:01 AM EDT

Best wishes, have fun.

Hope a wife won't affect you're CB life.

[-war-] April 8 2005 5:22 AM EDT

Uh red hair...... Married with Children comes to mind. I hope you not a shoe salesman. Anyways congrats. As far as the lake thing thats cool, I been there once. Was going to go last week.

markxe April 8 2005 5:47 AM EDT

Hope you have a great day and wish you all the best hope you have time to log on to use up your BA cant think what else you might be doing .....

QBJohnnywas April 8 2005 5:53 AM EDT

Remember it's very very very bad manners to play CB on your honeymoon...... unless you feel the need to be divorced by the end of it...... =)

House April 8 2005 9:49 PM EDT

lol..Thanks everyone..she knows how much i reall y want a this is now a MONEY TREE thread also..feel free to send your wedding gifts to BLACK DOG :)

is that shameless or what :)

see y'all sometime late sunday or monday :)

might even sneak on tomorrow morniing when she goes to get her Hair done :>

Duke April 9 2005 7:21 AM EDT

I send a little weeding gift in the name of love.(my french part)
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