SoV signs hanging outside the building : "Under New Management&qu (in General)

Mythology April 8 2005 9:38 PM EDT

Yep, in the cut throat back alleys around the Valinor complex me and Shade wrestled into the night in a bloody duel of death, the fight ended after I seemed down and out after Shade plunged an awl-pike into my left eye, but with the last few ounces of strength I had left I somehow managed to knock him out with an old Shield of Mandos I found in some trash.

Unconcious and unable to locate an executioner's sword I had to cut his head off with a morning star, which took about 30 minutes... But the Sentinels were once again under my command.

Okay that story may not be 100% true, or even 1%, but SoV again does need a 5th member to hopefully secure a top 5 placing and at least a top 10 spot...

Applicants just chat mail me, you will need to get at least 2K cps a day (or be able to) and hopefully more around the 2.5K-3K area. I'm pretty easy going in my old age and am basically happy with any clan bonus 10%+ and wont hound members for more :) Only other requirement is that you are at least a half decent likeable person :D

So, either post here or chat mail me.

Undertow April 9 2005 12:26 AM EDT

And you must go through IoV first.

I hope...

Duke April 9 2005 6:44 AM EDT

Nice story will you do a chapter 2, pretty half decent easy going dude.

Mythology April 9 2005 8:22 AM EDT

Hey I never said I was a half decent person, I generally think of myself as an [un-PG] I said they had to be, do as I say not as I do and all that, but I am easy going :p

So, whos up for it? :)

AdminShade April 9 2005 9:51 AM EDT

well honestly i just ran away from Myths evil looks :P

slurpz April 9 2005 9:57 AM EDT

and that big pimple on Myth's left cheek :D

Reebok April 9 2005 7:06 PM EDT

You can find BoM's in the trash!?!?!

/me goes dumpster diving

Undertow April 9 2005 7:23 PM EDT


Mythology April 9 2005 8:28 PM EDT

Okay, post filled, others reffered to IoV, and any others in the future :D

Thank you.
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