The Many and Varied Wars of Valinor (in General)

Mythology April 17 2005 9:03 PM EDT

This is mainly for Valinor members current and Ex.

To begin, a short introduction. Valinor is where the Elves go from Middle Earth, it is / was meant to be a "sanctuary". It was founded by 3 chat ops and one tourny admin. Trillian the queen, Beren the master of tournaments, Dark_Gift stealer of Hearts and me. What followed was a ride of epic proportions :p Included in this journey of mainly fun and jovial times were a number of wars, and so begins the telling of the wars :

1) The first war, "The Di War"
When Valinor began it was I must confess to get away from certain people within general chat and just have a nice quiet room where we could speak freely and have a laugh with like minds. Unfortunatly, one MrsDi whom I must say while we never got along I do respect for a lot of things had a certain penchant for Paranoia on a grand scale. She believed from the outset Valinor was a secret group formed to bring her down from admin status and ruin her. Those of you who did not know MrsDi, she was very influencential and knew at least 50% of people on CB and when she began the backlash of hate Valinor. I'd probably say this war was a draw.

2) The second war, "War of Supremacy".
From the outset, we accepted people on one basis, if they were likeable / friendly and for a time, Valinor hit upon a golden age. We were made a group of friendship and oddly this meant we had the highest cps by far, if people want to get online and chat, they fight at the same time. The original clan stayed on top for many months. I would say many clans gave us a run for our money, but as big headed as it will sound (no change there then) :p They didnt, averaging most of the time x2 the nearest rivals cps. People took out bounties on Valinor, and things often got a little ugly. Suffice to say, some good times :D

3) The Third war, "War of Jon"
Unfortunatly with CB, there is one constant you will either learn, or if you've been around a while, will already know : "If things seem too good to be true, nerfs are soon to arrive". If memory serves, there were 3 changes to do with clans, only 2 of which directly attributed toward Valinor, the last one is debatable. It was unfortunatly around this time Todd decided he'd quit for the last time (what was the count up to? 15? :p) and stick around instead and that is when the hellfire v valinor really kicked in. There were other clans also such as elven blood and death of valinor etc.. We stayed level pegging just about but were to be honest shunted into 2nd place by Todd's more effective clan and the golden age over, we fought hard but did ultimately lose.

4) The fourth war, "War of Friendship".
The main thing that hurt Valinor was this loss, unfortunatly on balance looking back I went the wrong way on this. If you've been #1 for months, dropping ranks does not feel good, the majority of us wanted to hold on, regrouping various ways, manipulating the new clan rules (being accused of cheating at least twice). At this point the shift went from friendship to cps. With the core basis of why Valinor was formed now lost, we should have been doomed to a death at this point, then, CB2 was annouced.

5) The fifth war, "Myth's War"
With all the other founders now pretty much gone mainly through luck rather than design we managed to recruit a great crew of people on cb2 very much in a way living on the coat tails of cb1. There were no forgers, not as many campers, everyone needed a clan, and most knew the name Valinor. A few months in I broke up with my g/f and lets just say I went into a "weird place" :p My actions really shook Valinor's image and really when it needed solid organisation and a good leadership forming I would change my mind about things and people daily. When I recovered about a month after I realised I was doing a lot more damage to Valinor than helping it and resigned from SoV leadership and running Valinor at all, I wouldnt say I left a void, but there was a gap and no one filled it because you cant just step up to leadership in a democracy, and if there are no rules for voting, then who creates them....

6) The sixth war "The last war".
With Valinor being a democracy and no leadership it has always been very easy for small problems to turn into big ones as no one is there to cover the cracks, people could come up with a silly idea, do it in the name of Valinor and while some people may disagree no one would say "no, thats stupid, dont do that" or the like. Within the last few days there has been a seperation within Valinor that some will probably know about, others that do not. Either way the details do not matter greatly, I could feel unhappy about Valinor but I'm left looking at about two years of history that gave me a great escape from either degree studies, smoking far too much green in a student household or employment. The way the break was executed has left a bitter taste in my mouth, but if I stay any longer and try to reform Valinor from the remenants its going to be a lot more bitterness.

Anyway, if you hadnt already guessed, this is just my odd way of saying I had a great time with Valinor members past and present and so long. Many of you have been put in a position of having to make a desicision you do not want to take. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier on many of you, I've lost a few friends during this I've known for a long time and have no desire to lose even more.

For me, Valinor is dead. I'd suggest all members disband and go your seperate ways, of course if you wish to stay in NoV and SoV so be it, but as all the above will show, there is a lot of resentment / history the name Valinor carries with it :)

Good luck to all enemies and friends of Valinor, and for one final time, Hail the Valorians!

Mythology April 17 2005 9:13 PM EDT

Forgot the afk / op war, ho hum :D

[Banned]Monty April 17 2005 9:17 PM EDT

eh your kidding right? heh APRIL FOOLS!! right? RIGHT??????????? DUDE!!!!!

[Banned]Monty April 17 2005 9:21 PM EDT

well...i was in Valinor in CB1 and the begining of Cb2 Valinor then there was not many fights or backstabbing. i dont really know what happened. Thus far i am very very devistated to see Valinor break up. Good times. :( /me Salutes Myth and all Valinorians. Love ya! :)

Anubis April 17 2005 10:29 PM EDT

Its a shame you're leaving.
Everyone makes mistakes, the better man is the one who realises them.

I'm not here to say what has or has not been done wrong, I wasn't around and dont know.
With new found thinking you can be a better leader and are certainly wiser.

I'll stay in SoV unless it disbands :)
Good luck

FatalXception [Money Depot] April 17 2005 11:10 PM EDT

Almost (except the last bit) of that stuff was well before my time, sure seems like bad timing :(

I joined SoV because of you Myth, and I wish you well in the future. I too will stay in SoV until such a time that I understand what the heck is going on.

Grant April 17 2005 11:45 PM EDT

Good luck, Myth. When you first announced your CB2 SoV strategy, I said, "It will never work." You sure proved me wrong :)

AdminJonathan April 18 2005 1:27 AM EDT

Wow. The "Myth's ego" forum appears to be long overdue. :)

Duke April 18 2005 4:43 AM EDT

Good luck with everything.

On the war of myth (episode 5 of myth reality show) if i can add a comment you have look for it.I hope you have learn something out of it.

Todd April 18 2005 6:02 AM EDT

Wow. The "Myth's ego" forum appears to be long overdue. :)
--Jonathan, 1:27 AM EDT

Wow. Hate to see the spotlight shift for 15 minutes? ;)

AdminShade April 18 2005 6:22 AM EDT

Sorry to see you leave Valinor but indeed the clans have just been falling apart more and more and began to be too cps related instead of friends.

hope to still see / hear a lot of you :)

Kind Regards


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 18 2005 7:23 AM EDT

Oh you'll see a load of me all right Shade.

A load of me whupping your now non Valinor character!

Come here Illuvatar, stop running away!


Mythology April 18 2005 7:37 AM EDT

Yeah Duke, I learnt at age 18 to 23 not to have a 5 year realationship :p Unfortunatly unless reincarnation does happen this lesson has gone to waste :)

Current members : yeah sorry, hope the thread gave light as to why :)

AdminShade April 18 2005 7:51 AM EDT

@ GentlemanLoser, you could have whooped me a long time ago :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 18 2005 8:22 AM EDT

But you were hiding behind the security of your Valinor brothers and sisters! ;)

Your safety net has gone now my old mentor.


<James Earl Jones>
When you left Valinor, I was but the student. Now I am the Master!
</James Earl Jones>

Fuhgawz April 18 2005 8:24 AM EDT

Hail Valinorians!!!!! WIll try and pick uyp the pieces that you have left lying on my shoulders Myth. We that is left will try and rise back onto the top.

madmax3 April 18 2005 8:28 AM EDT


Anubis April 18 2005 8:40 AM EDT


AdminJonathan April 18 2005 10:51 AM EDT

Don't worry, Todd -- if I weren't sure your ego could take it I wouldn't have posted that. :)

Todd April 18 2005 10:58 AM EDT

Jon, I'll admit that if you don't see the irony of you posting about Myth's ego, then yeah, it's not near as funny.

Special J April 18 2005 11:41 AM EDT


fresh ego soup with a side of ego salad samwiches.

Undertow April 18 2005 1:29 PM EDT


May your road home be short and your axe covered with the blood of your enemies Myth!

Hail Mythology!

Hail Friendship!


Special J April 18 2005 1:46 PM EDT

Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll

{CB1}Lukeyman April 18 2005 2:12 PM EDT

Well, I'm very sorry to see you leave myth, Valinor was THE best clan ever, and when you guys allowed me to join, It was the best thing ever, I was like "YES!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!" And I have admired the way you take leadership and hold/held everything and everyone together the way you did.

You are a great guy and a great leader.

Hail the Valinorians!

Alienfb April 18 2005 3:32 PM EDT

/me Giggles

Calm down a bit Lukey....

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 18 2005 3:34 PM EDT

These posts would be exalted as humorous indeed if they were more self-deprecating about the entire issue of clans, and less serious about actual details of each of the so-called "wars". Those are the things that separate ego-tastic narcissism from humorous entry in the annals of CB.

Tribute April 18 2005 5:55 PM EDT

So there were wars, I wasn't affected was I?


Oh all right so I was. There's nothing wrong with that is there?

Undertow April 18 2005 7:16 PM EDT

Verifex, your assuming that egotistic narrisim wasn't his goal, or that humor was. And who asked?

Undertow April 18 2005 7:17 PM EDT

I've worked 150 hours in the last 2 weeks


*narcissism (and it's still spelled wrong, but at least now it's close.)

Vagabond April 18 2005 7:29 PM EDT

narcissism looks right to me (and the dictionary) just not the spell check.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 18 2005 7:35 PM EDT

We are now in the seventh age, the age of reason and introspection.

The age where all are now given a chance to look inside at oneself and see things for what they are. For too long has the elder held sway over what we should think and feel about ourselves and those around us, for too long has the shroud clouded our judgement. I say to you brethren cast off the shackles of mistrust and anger that have held you a slave to the boundaries of different classes of human beings. As we are all human beings, and we can build our own opinions without prejudice and and greed shaping our very emotional core!


Mythology April 18 2005 7:48 PM EDT

I'll write this as the thought process took me, it began with me thinking why would Verifex post that, Jon is a given, I see a post as a failure nowadays if it doesn't get a sarcastic comment or insult from him as a seal of approval :p

Then I remembered I was told a while ago who you were Verifex and if memory serves your time in Valinor was a fair few months in Valinor chat for no real reason until it was hinted to you that no one would mind if you didnt keep joining. Since then you'd made a number of anti-Valinor posts for me to proclaim "who the hell is Verifex anyway?" which was when I was informed. But, I did not want to start a flame war :p

Your farewell to Valinor if memory serves was not to come into the room anymore and the few posts every so often, mine is this post. It is about Valinor and my view of my time in it. Saying it is egotistical or whatever is like writting a biography review "The author has such a huge ego, all they do is talk about themselves".

Anyway, it served the purpose I sought, it's sad you felt the need to post but so be it. I still wish you good luck along with everyone else in the future. Adieu.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 18 2005 8:35 PM EDT

I try to keep people entertained, thats all. ;)

No beef with you man, take it easy!

My only wish was that clans hadn't split up our awesome community so much. :(

QBsutekh137 April 18 2005 11:53 PM EDT

It's been a while, so I will back Verfiex with this one:

Did I mention how stupid I think clans are?
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