lack of ops (in General)

CBMan11 April 23 2005 11:33 PM EDT

I'm not complaining about lack of PG control but it seems like there are less admins signing on and controling the chat room. Maybe its cuz of the full moon or whatever, just thought i would point it out. Again im not complaining about anyone just thought i would share.

I finally see April 23 2005 11:37 PM EDT

He is right, although the fact that chat is usually dead (carnage at least) suggests that not as many ops are needed I suppose.

Fuhgawz April 23 2005 11:44 PM EDT

what else is new there has and probably always will be no ops around when you need them this has happened since cb1.

Nixon Jibfest April 23 2005 11:48 PM EDT

who are the admins now????

Saint and Max are mia.

CBMan11 April 23 2005 11:56 PM EDT

I have no idea who the admins are. Anybody know?

Undertow April 23 2005 11:57 PM EDT

Questions and Answers:

1. Q: Who are the CB admins?

A: Full admins (alphabetically):
* bartjan
* [EG]The Saint
* Max
* BooDiggity
* G_Beee
* Myonax
* Shade

Blarg April 24 2005 1:16 AM EDT

I really hope jon adds more admins and sub-admins soon. I havn't seen saint nor max on for a long time, and there is only so much bart can do.

Nixon Jibfest April 24 2005 1:26 AM EDT

Saint and Max are pretty much gone, so that leaves Bartjan as far as I know.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 24 2005 4:37 AM EDT

I've only seen Bart sonce cb2 started

And yes, I see cussing newbs 3 times a day, just about.

bartjan April 24 2005 4:47 AM EDT

I count 26 chat admins. Shouldn't that be more than enough?

AdminShade April 24 2005 10:13 AM EDT

smallpau1, bartjan is online pretty much every day, he just lurks in new players.

also the amount of chat ops is well enough :)

CBMan11 April 24 2005 10:42 AM EDT

Where can i see these "26 chat admins".

bartjan April 24 2005 10:52 AM EDT

Settings->Site Wide Admin->Add/Delete Chat admins.

(or by counting everyone who gets op granted by the server ;)

Oh, and those 26 are excluding the full/sub admins and Jon, so there are 34 people who could kick you....

Valgasu April 24 2005 12:18 PM EDT

ooo... i like your picture, bart :)

NSFY April 24 2005 1:00 PM EDT

Carnage chat is dead - mission accomplished Jr Deputies.

AdminG Beee April 24 2005 2:00 PM EDT

/kick thread

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 24 2005 2:43 PM EDT

Ahh, what i meant to say on my post was, Bartjan is the only Admin I've seen in NP at all since CB2 Man i couldnt have possibly made that a worse sentence up there....>.>

48Zach April 24 2005 2:51 PM EDT

thats weird , whenever im online in NP there is always at least 2 ops if not 3. on the occasion there is 1 , but then again , a couple times when something bad has happened , all the ops were AFK *hint hint hint * /me stares at all the ops

[-war-] April 24 2005 5:11 PM EDT

I have to agree on this, go check the other 2 admins profiles, they don't get on every day, last night I checked, bart is the only one that is active, while the other 2 log in like every 2-4 days then leave, I guess bart is the only one that does things around here. As far as ops goes theres plenty of ops around they just don't want to do stuff because of other ops around so they play the game of who will pull the trigger.

Blarg April 24 2005 5:44 PM EDT

so which ops have you seen do that?

AdminShade April 25 2005 11:51 AM EDT

IronWolf, you can also bother Jonathan with admin things as he is an admin also :) that would make 2 full admins :)

bartjan April 25 2005 12:13 PM EDT

Also, there is no need to have a full admin standby 24/7. The only things that require urgent attention are players being non-PG in either chat (we have a lot of chat admins, so they should be capable of covering that) or forum (both full and sub admins can clean up the forum when needed).

For all other things, just send a chatmail or PM with the complete question/problem to the full or sub admin most likely to respond and wait...

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 25 2005 2:45 PM EDT

Anyone know what happened to max and saint btw? I miss em.. :(

AdminShade April 25 2005 3:39 PM EDT

max had some things with work that he had to attend to first. it made him unable to login for a long long time, i have seen him for a few short periods though but he's caught up.

about saint i don't know.

AdminJonathan April 25 2005 3:39 PM EDT

Max tells me he's working insane hours at his new job and plans to be back when things settle down.

[From CB1]Tequito April 25 2005 11:37 PM EDT

well, if there is ever a lack of ops on here, there are usually ops in cb1 and you could ask one of us to come on here (some of us have ops on both) I tend not to have chat on in 2, but I'll turn it on if I'm needed.

[Banned]Monty April 26 2005 12:01 AM EDT

/me can be a cb2 op as well

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 26 2005 1:18 AM EDT

i can be too if ever needed...=)

AdminShade April 26 2005 8:48 AM EDT

FAQ -> admins -> #3.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 26 2005 11:03 AM EDT

3. - Q: Can I be an admin?
A: No.


Q: Can I be an Op?
A: Who knows. I could be...=P
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