Please pwn me with Dispell Magic (in General)

Will [Retired] April 25 2005 6:34 AM EDT

Okay, got that out of the way. This is my strat Th3 Thr33 Musk3t33rs, any helpful ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. Especially with regards to training skills on 'Meat' and 'And Stab'.


1/3 Antimagic Field
2/3 Giant Strength
Compound, Slayers, THF.


All Haste
Large Compound, Seekers, Katana.

And Stab:

All Ablative Shield
Compound, arrows, THF.

If all goes to plan, 'Meat' and 'Greet' die through ranged leaving the ToJ Familiar and possibly bloodlusted 'And Stab' to clean up in melee. Thanks for looking! :)

InebriatedArsonist April 25 2005 6:39 AM EDT

1) Can you afford this? Three bows and weapons to upgrade will be rather expensive.
2) Why did you put the best melee weapon on the minion you expect to die in ranged combat?
3) Why have three mediocre tanks rather than one or two decent ones?

Will [Retired] April 25 2005 6:44 AM EDT

1) I'm not bothered or concerned about expense right now.
2) The Katana can move. In fact yes I'll put it on 'And Stab'.
3) They aren't that mediocre, on their own they're better than half a single tank each. There is four of them (the ToJ Familiar). I have a large single tank already and I want to try something interesting.

AdminShade April 25 2005 8:21 AM EDT

if someone would fight you and kill Meat and Greet. that would leave your and stab with quite some HP in the next fight but without any ST or DX... they would easily beat you then (not looking at the ToJ familiar)

perhaps to make a last effort in doing more damage put the haste or GS on and stab instead of on one of the others?

Duke April 25 2005 10:00 AM EDT

And how you will be able to hit ToA tank with that.

Mythology April 25 2005 10:10 AM EDT

Not bad, been thinking about something along these lines, but costs a lot.

For my two silver pieces, I'd remove AMF, put the Jig on the front minion and ditch archery.
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