ToJ is stuck at lvl 510,020 (in General)

budice April 28 2005 10:10 PM EDT

ToJ is stuck at lvl 510,020. I have put at least 10k more exp into it and it has not lvled at all. Its 10pm now and i have 60BA to use I will see if it lvls at all.

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 28 2005 10:11 PM EDT

/me gives the ToJ a little kick

[-war-] April 28 2005 10:12 PM EDT

wow u serious? hmmmmm............. maybe not enough exp to level it? perhaps theres some cap to what level it can get to compared to some mpr hehe.

[-war-] April 28 2005 10:15 PM EDT

i see on item tattoo thing that its at 511020 lvls.

QBsutekh137 April 28 2005 10:18 PM EDT

As the old adage goes: "A watched tattoo never levels..."

Swear to God, my ToJ was stuck on 297,050 for-EVER! *smile*

budice April 28 2005 10:20 PM EDT

Just trained 800 exp and it leveled 1000 and now just trained 500more exp and did not level at all. Must be working but never leveled this way before.

3D April 28 2005 11:10 PM EDT

sometimes it doesn't lvl up until you train

[Banned]Monty April 28 2005 11:12 PM EDT

man my ToE or any other tat i had leveled on 800 EXP lol

chernobyl April 29 2005 2:22 AM EDT

Chet, that's absolutely right, I completely stopped watching my tat's level and i'd swear it gained 10K faster than ever.

On a side note, i'm not so sure it levels based on awarded XP, but rather num of wins. Not that I have hard data and the subjective perception is already stated to be wrong, but it seemed like my tat wouldn't level when i was pulling a lot of draws for a while.

Dragon Slayer April 29 2005 2:49 AM EDT

eh i remember seeing something back when cb2 started saying tats gained xp based on a percentage of how much all your minions gained combined

QBJohnnywas April 29 2005 5:19 AM EDT

Have you tried hitting it? That normally works for my TV

sasquatchan April 29 2005 8:51 AM EDT

Stuck ? I always find a little bit of WD-40 helps our tremendously..

budice April 29 2005 9:51 AM EDT

OK it works now but it only levels at 1k exp at a time. It leveled to 511020 at about 10:15 last night and did not level till 6am when it went to 512020. So i would guess that at about 2pm it willl level to 513020.

Bubo [DTC of Bubo] April 29 2005 9:56 AM EDT

When BrandonLP was asking about whether a small team would level a tat faster than a large team, Jon made the comment that the number of people on a team does not affect how quickly a tattoo levels. This leads me to believe that it is tied more to the number of fights or number of wins than actual XP rewards.

mchaos April 29 2005 10:02 AM EDT

from what I understand....

it's tied to the total xp received (not the amount any individual minion receives) so the number of minions doesn't matter, but the fight rewards do (ie. fighting higher score/pr characters and fighting during crazy xp time).
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