Strange auction search results (in General)

Anubis April 30 2005 9:35 PM EDT

While looking for previously sold tattoos of flame in Auctions using the search term flame, there are more than tattoos of flame in the items shown.

The following appeared in the list:
A Lesser Tattoo of Endurance level 20 $5,920 $34,000 $34,000 April 23 2005 12:25 AM EDT
A Lesser Tattoo of Steel level 20 $5,920 $27,000 April 24 2005 10:37 PM EDT
A Lesser Tattoo of Steel level 40 $6,023 $20,000 $150,000 April 27 2005 10:47 PM EDT
A Lesser Tattoo of Steel level 40

Maelstrom April 30 2005 9:42 PM EDT

Hey, you're right, except that there are a lot more than those four in the search that are not tattoos of flame. There are at least of few of almost every type of tattoo. That's really weird.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] April 30 2005 9:46 PM EDT

Maybe they were tattoo's of flame but they got changed by the tattoo artist.

Anubis April 30 2005 9:48 PM EDT

A good possibility

Maelstrom April 30 2005 9:48 PM EDT

Ah! That's a good explanation! Should they still show up in the old auctions, though?

Anubis April 30 2005 9:51 PM EDT

It looks like there could be 2 IDs for each Tattoo in the database and one hasn't been updated.

[-war-] April 30 2005 10:01 PM EDT

didnd't someone end up getting old stats on the new tatoo that was changed into.

as far as this goes i think they still have the code of the old tattoo atleast the name part for searches. go search for tojs see what happens.

Synco May 1 2005 2:55 PM EDT

i think a remember Jon saying that after tattoos are changed by the artist, it's a tho they were that new tattoo all their life....

AdminShade May 1 2005 2:57 PM EDT

but the new tattoos still know what they used to be because they cannot be changed back into what they were...

so the idea of 2 IDs could be possible.
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