Quarter Blender of 2005 is now open for nominations! (in General)

Max May 15 2005 12:02 AM EDT

It's time to pick the first Quarter Blender of 2005!

What is a QB?: A QB is the person who truly represents what CB is. A QB is helpful in chat and forum, and usually does what they can to support the community. A QB is what makes CB what it is and part of the reason why we come back.


1. Nominees may not be full or sub-admins. Chat Ops are eligible.

2. They must have been playing for at least 2 months. This means all people eligible must have an account that predates March 14, 2005. (Future QB votes will revert to the full quarter requirement.)

3. Currently active. If they were great, but they are gone, they aren't really a QB any more.

Here's how we figure out who wins.

First, all candidates must be nominated by SOMEONE ELSE; You cannot nominate yourself.

Second, the nominations MUST be submitted to me via email along with a brief statement as to why you think that person should win. Email Max

Lastly, I will do a cursory check of each nominee and review them for finalist status. A poll will go up to determine the popular vote, and then I will weigh each finalist and a QB will be chosen. The entire process takes about 1-2 weeks.

Good luck to all the nominees!

[Banned]Monty May 15 2005 12:03 AM EDT

Yes yay Max!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 15 2005 12:16 AM EDT

It is so very good that you are back! :)

tscm May 15 2005 12:27 AM EDT

I vote Reyna cause I want to...

Please be aware that nomnations posted to this thread, though may be valid, will be ignored unless I (Max) receive an email. This is in effort to stop a deluge of nominations and inevitable banter on the board.

[Banned]Monty May 15 2005 12:29 AM EDT

Second, the nominations MUST be submitted to me via email along with a brief statement as to why you think that person should win. Email Max

wow can you not read?

InebriatedArsonist May 15 2005 12:40 AM EDT

I dunno, Monty, can you use the proper tag and punctuation for direct quotations?

Special J May 15 2005 2:21 AM EDT

Sent mine in :)

CBMan11 May 15 2005 7:18 AM EDT

Sent mine in :).

IndependenZ May 15 2005 8:39 AM EDT

Same here ... and it's good to hear the QuarterBlender is back! =D

Mistress Reyna May 15 2005 3:10 PM EDT

people need a qb!

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] May 15 2005 5:18 PM EDT

My nom is in, Max.

Perhaps a bit more elucidation for the 'newer' people, on the value of the QB? There seems to be some confusion on the qualities/qualifications necessary to be a true QB.

Past QBs included DarkPixie, Shade (prior to his elevation to admin), Sutekh (as he was then known), and who else?

Devil Burrito May 15 2005 5:25 PM EDT

me!... wait..

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] May 15 2005 5:27 PM EDT

Lump and Roonie were also QB's

QBsutekh137 May 15 2005 5:37 PM EDT

And don't forget BadAsh!!!!!!

/me ducks...

Max May 15 2005 5:38 PM EDT

/me throws a brick at Chet


Max May 15 2005 10:01 PM EDT

So far, we have 8 nominations. I must admit I was hoping to use some of the nomination letters for the poll. As it stands they are slim with little justification. If you really think someone deserves QB then write it out! :)

QB gets that keen "QB" tag in front of their name in Red. It's a BIG deal to the CB community. For those of you who have never seen a QB from CB1 I assure you it is an honor to receive it.

Let's see those nominations and letters :) Mail them to ericdwightmartin@yahoo.com

Blarg May 15 2005 10:18 PM EDT

My nomination is in

Maelstrom May 15 2005 10:57 PM EDT

When are the nominations due?

Max May 15 2005 11:07 PM EDT

Nominations will be due by 12:00 Noon Saturday server time. To locate server time hover/click over Community>Much More

Then look to the far right in the middle.

[Banned]Monty May 15 2005 11:11 PM EDT

/me uses his extra email addresses to nominate himself *snicker* nah i didn't =(

QBJohnnywas May 16 2005 10:06 AM EDT

Nomination sent. =)

AdminShade May 16 2005 10:19 AM EDT

too bad i can't win :P

Reebok May 16 2005 1:49 PM EDT

Nom sent.

DrD May 16 2005 2:42 PM EDT

The email link failed for the nomination. So, here is one (of many nominations)
Hi Eric,
I have pondered (quite considerable duration) as to whom is best deserving of the QB 05 nomination. There are various individuals who, give their valuable time and effort towards making/improving CB2. Without a doubt, I believe that person to be Chet. He is consistently assisting new/veteran players and spends a considerable amount of time helping other players achieve a desirable understanding of Carnage Blender. Chet always has time to answer anyone's comments and indeed, achieves unparalleled success at improving the games play through his insightful game knowledge. It is therefore, I fully nominate Chet for the first Quarter Blender 2005 without hesitation. I am sure more players will acknowledge this deserving individual. thank you in advance and have a great day.

Max May 16 2005 2:49 PM EDT

Hmm, email link works fine for me. You may have a configuration error for your default email program. Please resubmit your email.

My email address is ericdwightmartin@yahoo.com

DrD May 16 2005 2:54 PM EDT

It worked that time, thanks!!!!!!

whitemagic May 19 2005 2:35 AM EDT

not sure if you got my nomination for Ranger thought you were gona post the emails: Whitemagic
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