Uneqipped Items to blacksmith (in General)

Devil Burrito May 15 2005 3:37 PM EDT

It would be nice >.<

csraven May 15 2005 4:16 PM EDT

i agree... having to equip the items you want to upgrade kinda sucks...

example: say i have a Katana (x15)(+15) equiped and another one (x1)(+0) in my unequiped inventory... i would have to equip the weak one to blacksmith it, (it being removed when you send it in), and then equip the good one to keep fighting...

however when the sucky one is returned it takes the place of the good one until i unequip it... that causes a serious problem if i cant play for a while... because it drops my PR and damage until the next time i log on and correct the problem...

so yes being able to blacksmith unequiped items would help out a lot in my opinion...

Fuhgawz May 15 2005 4:22 PM EDT

i think this is a good idea also

Arorrr May 15 2005 4:41 PM EDT

we definitely need this option since you can't unequip for more than 8 hours. That's gonna a long wait for reequipment.

Otherwise, you have to do blacksmith on a farm. 8*(

AdminShade May 16 2005 8:50 AM EDT

?! why would you need this?

upgrade the other items on a different minion (or character) on which you don't need the sucky weapon / armor

if you need it more simple just don't keep a spare armor around.

[Banned]Monty May 16 2005 9:11 AM EDT

why not Shade? It's a hassle to go to blacksmith but your item is unequipped then u have to go back home then equip it then go back!

LumpBot May 16 2005 9:24 AM EDT

Seriously Shade, after all these changes it would be scary to think people don't have low NW armor sitting around waiting to be blacksmithed or sold. I normally have at least one item since I forge and I equip the forging item so I can keep track of what I'll forge it up to using the Black Smith.

AdminShade May 16 2005 11:13 AM EDT

but then you use the item while forging, not just equip it for a short while.

you can re equip your item within 5 minute so there is no 'problem' when you just want to look at blacksmith prices.

also if you want to blacksmith something then equip it before going to the blacksmith. :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] May 16 2005 11:17 AM EDT

Well, i just BS'ed my second MgS, and i unequipped my higher MgS to equip my lower one to BS it, fine and dandy. After i put it in the BS, i re-equipped my higher one.....When the BS was done, he put the lower one (the one from the BS)onto my char and automatically equipped the lesser one back to where it came from. Me not knowing it, i would've had to have waited the 8 hours.

So i think this is a good idea.

Special J May 16 2005 11:19 AM EDT


There simply is not a logical argument against this idea, stop trying.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 16 2005 1:21 PM EDT

Nobody here supported me when I made this exact same suggestion when a day before the "assumed unequipping penalty" was going to take place. You guys a little too late to support it now.
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