Overpowered Elbows! (in General)

Alienfb May 17 2005 12:57 PM EDT

Thats it i am fed up with Elbows.

I have proof now that they are just too overpowered.

Most of you know me, i have been around on CB1+2 for a number of years. I have a very nice char (AlienFB) who normally resides in the top ten or there abouts. My char is a Tank based char with a score in the 500K and a PR of about 445K.

There are only a few chars who can beat me on a regular basis (no more than 10 i would say), and now today i see this on my fight log.

Attacker Defender Winner Rounds Date
Jochumia (The Renegades) Alienfb (Nomads of Valinor) Jochumia 2 12:44 PM EDT
Jochumia (The Renegades) Alienfb (Nomads of Valinor) Jochumia 2 12:43 PM EDT
Jochumia (The Renegades) Alienfb (Nomads of Valinor) Jochumia 2 12:41 PM EDT

TWO ROUNDS, Jochumia beats me in TWO ROUNDS!

He has TWO ELBOWS! and just slaughters me!

Rant over, time to lick my wounds and find something small and furry to kick.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] May 17 2005 1:04 PM EDT

If two battlebots were fighting it out, and one happened to be cheating and had a machine gun, but then the other robot was also cheating and had two machine guns, which of the two cheating bots would win?

[Banned]Monty May 17 2005 1:07 PM EDT

dude.ELB have been overpowered. just the way it is. people got over it.

QBRanger May 17 2005 2:03 PM EDT

Now I think a reply is in order at least from someone who uses the Overpowered elbow.

A large part of the reason your being beaten in just 2 rounds is the strategy that Myself, Jochumia and Gyaxx use. This being CB2 we use the spell DM to destroy your enchantments especially your AS and GA.

Also you have 2 AMF's which don't help at all vs us. So, your way behind, that is you have a lot of xp that is not helping you in battle with us.

Now about the elbow's. Jochumia and Gyaxx have put over 22 million into their elbow's. I have put 15 million in mine. If Jochumia or Gyaxx put that much into a compound the results would be the exact same given your HP on your minions.

I have, for experimenting purposes, moved a x47 compound (NW 3.8 million) on Conquest (my TOA archer), put a x4 composite on Death, and put a 200k NW compound on War (my Wall) and beat you in 4 rounds with losing on my enchanter in battle. If I had a 15 million compound I would win in 2 rounds. In fact I rented a 2 million compound and used that instead of my elbow and beat you in just 3 rounds.

Its not that the elbow's are overpowerful, its just that our NW is overpowerful and our strategy matches up well against yours.

Now please don't missunderstand me, elbow's are very powerful but I don't think they are as uber as people do think. It is the combination of a large elbow, a good strategy and a higher NW that makes it easy to beat you in 2 rounds.

Undertow May 17 2005 2:09 PM EDT

Great, let the ranting for next change month begin.

He beat you, deal with it, get over yourself. It happens.

[Banned]Monty May 17 2005 2:10 PM EDT


Special J May 17 2005 2:18 PM EDT

and they both can beat me, where do I file a formal complaint?

Duke May 17 2005 3:01 PM EDT

ELB are strong but the actual problem is more in the ToA.

bartjan May 17 2005 3:37 PM EDT

mrwuss: read this for how to file a formal complaint.

Special J May 17 2005 3:42 PM EDT

That is what I was thinking of as soon as I him confirm, you can read minds.

Where can I get a tinfoil hat?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] May 17 2005 5:49 PM EDT

Elbows are a problem because they are so much better than any other ranged weapon.

But I think the major concern is that at the moment there is no counter to Archery. It's no where near as bad as Elbows in CB1, but a parallel can be drawn.

Hopefully there will be a tattoo/power shield some timein the future specifically designed to reduce missile/archery damage.

Then everything has an item based counter.

Melee => TBF
DD => Mgs
AC => VB


Alienfb May 17 2005 6:14 PM EDT

Ranger, thank you.

I see it now and yes you are right. Very clever and very well worked out. I noticed a while ago you had DM trained, someone even mentioned it in a thread somewhere, but I missed the point on that one. Kudos to you and the others.

I also agree with GL that Archery needs a foil, maybe not just armour but armour plating and huge cannon making a real tank would do the trick.

Yes it was a rant and yes I do apologize for the rant.

And as for "just get over it", yeah thanks for that.

QBsutekh137 May 17 2005 6:26 PM EDT

Please, alien. Don't get over it. Dissent rocks, and you are entitled to your opinion as much as anyone else.
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