Can andybody explain the NW-reward relationship?- Newb (in General)

flashwiz93 May 17 2005 9:49 PM EDT

So i've just created a character, and i've been reading forums. I heard a lot about NW and rewards, and PR, so can anybody please explain this to me, because then it seems worthless to wear armor as a newbie.

CooperTX May 17 2005 10:04 PM EDT

It pretty much is at this point, you do have a weapon allowance so your main goal, if you are a weapon bearing character, should be the maximization of this allowance. Don't worry about armor for a good while. Now if you can get rare armours then I say go for it, as they maximize the NW on your character for the price and effect they give.

QBRanger May 17 2005 10:13 PM EDT

Its not that difficult.

Basically you have a certain amount of NW you can safely use depending on the MPR (minion power rating). Once you go over that amount it starts to add to your power rating (PR). Its a low amount when you start (the allowance) but gradually builds up. Its 2/3 the total trained xp of your character in cb2$.

Now the big question: Why is this important and how does it effect me?

Well the number one thing that determines your rewards is YOUR PR vs THEIR Score. Now if your PR is lower then you can fight lower score character to get good rewards. But as your PR climbs you need to fight higher score characters to get the same rewards in xp and cb2$. Obviously you can summize that the higher the score the more powerful the characters. For the best rewards you want to fight scores that are higher than your PR.

So as you can see, the higher your NW means higher PR means you need to fight higher score characters which is harder and harder as you go up the score ladder.

So in answer to your question "then it seems worthless to wear armor as a newbie", the answer is yes. If your PR goes up due to those +5 leather boots, you have to decided if you can take the elevated PR it gives for the extra 5 AC. When you can get those rare items/armor that add a lot to your AC for a low NW, then its worth using. Such as a 1 million NW mithril chain mail which gives about 28+36 AC vs a 1 million Hard leather armor that would give only 4+10 AC. Each piece of 1 million NW armor will add the same to your PR.

QBRanger May 17 2005 10:15 PM EDT

Sorry I mistated one fact. The allowance is just for weapons that you can use, which is as I stated 2/3 your xp that is trained.

All armors count towards your PR.

Fishead May 17 2005 10:47 PM EDT

My near 200k character does better completely naked (EETM and that's a naked weaponless tank) than as equipped before the change :P
Where's the fun in fighting without gear?

QBRanger May 17 2005 10:49 PM EDT


You realize that you can equip a weapon without penalty. Perhaps one of those pretty new Vorpal Blades? If not too high NW.

Fishead May 17 2005 10:58 PM EDT

Yeah, I had some pretty good armor, +50 named adam, +15 tulkas, +15HoE, +15 EB's, +31 MgS, big MS and CML, 120k ToF all worthless to me now. I hate to sound bitter, but well... I'm back to CB1.
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