Thanks Jon (in General)

Undertow May 22 2005 4:52 PM EDT

I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed the increase in speed with the extra ram. Last night pages were loading instantly, and today is darn close.


Blarg May 22 2005 4:56 PM EDT

Indeed, yay Jon! One change that no one can hate! :P

maulaxe May 22 2005 5:25 PM EDT

yummy ram. more blending for all!

AdminG Beee May 23 2005 4:06 AM EDT

wow - uber fast cache flush :)

IndependenZ May 23 2005 2:58 PM EDT

Yeah, everything seems to be running even more smooth as usual.
Thank you Jonathan! :)

AdminShade May 23 2005 3:25 PM EDT

thanks :)

Vazz May 23 2005 8:22 PM EDT

For me it almost as the same as before, my connection is too slow, i used dial up and share it with some of my friends, I can't afford better speed. But in some condition, around midnight in my place, when everyone sleep, i can feel the improvement, and it's really great change.

Jason Bourne May 23 2005 10:54 PM EDT

yea, cache flush is amazing! no more 30 min waits!!!!! this rocks jon, thanks!

[FireBreathing]Chicken May 23 2005 11:09 PM EDT

your supporter dollars at work :)

Duke May 24 2005 2:27 AM EDT

I was wondering if JON use a linux that have a 3/1 GB ram adressing (1GB os 3 GB apps)
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