I'll Pay you to play (in Off-topic)

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:04 AM EDT

I'll pay you 5k cb$ a day to play Dominion using my Ref Link.


I have an active list of who has signed up, so when you sign up, post your account name here...

It shows me who is active, and Based on that I will pay for every day YOU play.

It's a fun game that is just stating up.

I will give 10k a day to the person who grows the most (total bonus of 15k a day to that person)

So if your active and play alot and grow stronger then everyone else. More money for you.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:05 AM EDT

50k at the end of the week to the largest player. *additional*

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] May 24 2005 2:11 AM EDT

when i goto the exact webpage you posted, theres no sign-up saying it is under the referral, i have to click sign-up on the side to even have an option to sign-up, which doesn't include signing up under your referral.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:14 AM EDT

Just sign up that way, it's scripted to count for me.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:35 AM EDT

I'll increase the initial to 10k a day

[FireBreathing]Chicken May 24 2005 2:38 AM EDT

Account name: chicken
Dominion: Foster Farms

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:42 AM EDT

Your Bannermen
Dominion Race Land Networth Bannermen
@Foster Farm (# 0) Wood Elf 250 2,500 0
Obtain more Bannermen

See ?? :) I suggest reading the scribes, the game is simple, but it may take some time to get used too.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:43 AM EDT

I just need the dominion. Keep your account name secret so no one tries guessing your pw.

[FireBreathing]Chicken May 24 2005 2:44 AM EDT

interesting. Its kinda like utopia, if you've ever played it before.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 2:53 AM EDT

Yeah this is like utopia, only no cheaters are allowed, and it is closely regulated.

Cranium Basher May 24 2005 4:14 AM EDT

up to $604,102 (atm) to be earned... I'm trying to get a good boost in the game, And have no problem parting with this cash.

Achertontus [Sneezels] May 24 2005 5:01 AM EDT

I signed up with Achertontus, the same as my name here,
but i dont like the game. so, i wont play further in the future.

Cranium Basher May 25 2005 4:13 AM EDT

2 people have posted here, 4 have signed up...

I can't send you money if I know not who you are.

Cranium Basher May 25 2005 4:14 AM EDT

Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) [FireBreathing]Chicken
(ArmyOfOne) $10000 4:12 AM EDT

Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) Achertontus (Achertontus) $10000 4:13 AM EDT

Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) [RMFN]Rubberduck
(Black Card Situation) $20000 4:14 AM EDT

{CB1}Lukeyman May 25 2005 10:05 AM EDT

The Dominion of DominionLL (# 0)

My Name is Lukey

this game seems interesting.

Send money to Banky

WeaponX May 25 2005 10:33 AM EDT

The Dominion of Omega111 (# 0)

send cash to Darkheart

[Banned]Monty May 25 2005 12:04 PM EDT

I'm Monty on there :) it seems cool send money to Fatality ^_^

Kilobot571 May 25 2005 7:48 PM EDT

Signed up. Seems just like Utopia.
Dominion- Cave of the Dragon Slayer
Send cash to Itex Tor plz

emmett May 25 2005 9:05 PM EDT

Requested Username:
Dominion Name: emmett
Ruler's Name: Lord emmett
Race: Undead

Cranium Basher May 26 2005 2:45 AM EDT

Your Bannermen
Dominion Race Land Networth Bannermen
erehwon (# 0) Undead 343 8,867 0
The Chicken Farm (# 0) Kobold 295 7,227 0
DominionLL (# 0) Dark Elf 260 3,332 0
Nightmare Gardens (# 0) Undead 260 4,892 0
Imperia (# 0) Human 250 11,575 0
Omega111 (# 0) Dark Elf 250 7,914 0

Cranium Basher May 26 2005 2:49 AM EDT

Recent Transfers
From IP To What When
Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) [RMFN]Rubberduck
(Black Card Situation) $20000 2:48 AM EDT
Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) [FireBreathing]Chicken
(ArmyOfOne) $10000 2:46 AM EDT
Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) Lukey (Banky) $10000 2:46 AM EDT
Cranium Basher (Prince Chuckles) MegamanV (Darkheart) $10000 2:45 AM EDT

Cranium Basher May 26 2005 2:52 AM EDT

It only shows those people as my bannermen, So Those are the people getting paid (the ones that are growing)

No more people can signup. Can't afford any more.

Kilobot571 May 26 2005 6:05 AM EDT

Hey, I was growing. How come i dont appear?

{CB1}Lukeyman May 26 2005 2:04 PM EDT

Hey, I played again today :D

And who grew the most yesterday?

[Banned]Monty May 26 2005 2:22 PM EDT

/me mutters something about his 5k :P

Kilobot571 May 26 2005 5:43 PM EDT

So...will i be payed?

Cranium Basher May 29 2005 1:31 AM EDT

Fiefdom QuickList Role Dominion Land Networth
Bannerman The Chicken Farm (# 197) 315 12,488
Bannerman erehwon (# 0) 279 10,182
Bannerman DominionLL (# 197) 269 7,004
Bannerman Imperia (# 0) 257 6,180
Bannerman Omega111 (# 0) 250 5,930
Bannerman Nightmare Gardens (# 0) 246 6,902
Those are people that have successfully signed up. only the top 3 are being payed atm.

[corrected]TheRealKiller May 29 2005 2:43 PM EDT

i just join under therea1ki11er

{CB1}Lukeyman May 29 2005 3:50 PM EDT

this is accually turning out to be a really good game.

Rook May 29 2005 4:11 PM EDT

Ive already started on dominion, a long time before this post, sorry Lukey.

{CB1}Lukeyman May 29 2005 4:44 PM EDT

Sorry Me?

Kilobot571 May 29 2005 5:44 PM EDT

Why dont i show up on the signed up list?

{CB1}Lukeyman May 30 2005 1:59 PM EDT

Sweet, my NW skyrocketed

sonicstrike May 31 2005 12:59 AM EDT

The Dominion of emerald hills (# 0)
Send to sonicboom

Mikel May 31 2005 1:28 AM EDT

Dominion is a fun game, it's not tooo hard to grow, and it has is not a new game, it has been around at least 4 years, maybe more, I was playing it when I was in college and in the first few eras. Eventually, it became alot like Utopia and I just stopped playing for a while, then would come back and play again for a bit. Undeads and Kobolds were the best that I remember.

Cranium Basher May 31 2005 7:07 AM EDT

Yeah I've been playing it since round 6/7... which ends up being about 4 years? Maybe more...

Lets see... rounds are 7 weeks a peice... we are on round 30...

so 3.35 years, rounds up to 4, considering the week inbetwene each round and stuff like that.

Reebok May 31 2005 10:38 AM EDT

I wish you would have started this before the new LL round started. I lost all my bannermen due to a new email (and loss of access to the old one) so being on a chain would have been nice.

I've been playing dom. for quite some time now, I'd tell you who I was on there, but then I'd have to kill you. hehe

Actually I'm still teching right now, and getting the beating of a lifetime, but I'll hang on until I can convert, then dominate.

{CB3}-HR22 May 31 2005 1:35 PM EDT

why arent i getting paid?

{CB1}Lukeyman June 3 2005 1:54 PM EDT

im not getting paid either.

Kilobot571 June 3 2005 3:15 PM EDT

I dont even appear on the list of bannermen!

[FireBreathing]Chicken June 6 2005 3:50 AM EDT

sweeeeet. thanks cranium :)

AdminShade June 6 2005 10:32 AM EDT

i had been playing the original dominion from round 5 until 22 or so, ~8 rounds a week and 4 years of playing it. then it became boring =D

being in top 10 every time broke me up :P
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